Disha Parmar took out for outing, the fans reacted like this after seeing the photo

Bigg Boss 14 housemate Singer Rahul Vaidya surprised everyone by proposing actress Disha Parmar on national television recently. He told that he knows the direction for a long time and also likes him. After this, Disha started to be searched much more on the Internet. Now Disha Parmar has tricked the fans by sharing her latest pictures. Disha Parmar has indicated through these photos that she has gone out for a walk. Disha Parmar shared these pictures and wrote, ‘Beauty everywhere !!

Viewer of Bigg Boss 14 asked singer Rahul Vaidya about direction

In Bigg Boss 14, a viewer gets a chance to talk to a member from home at the Caller of the Week on Weekend War. This week, Bhavna Mahanta of Assam called the singer Rahul Vaidya on the show and asked that he had proposed actress Disha Parmar on national television a few days ago, what is his (direction’s) answer. In response to this question, Rahul said that at the moment he is waiting for the direction yes.

This is how Disha and Rahul’s love story started

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar have also worked together in the music video Yad Teri. The chemistry of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar was very much liked in the song.

Rahul Vaidya is in the news due to Bigg Boss 14

Rahul is very much in discussion these days as a contestant in Bigg Boss 14. People are considering Rahul as an entertainer and it has also been proved that he is going to stay on the show for a long time. They are not only singers, but also entertain people by mimicking people. In the show, Rahul is going to discuss his love story, and will also tell about his and Disha’s first meeting. Apart from this, he is also going to propose direction on national television.

Arshi Khan wants entry in the show

Arshi Khan, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss 11, wants to get an entry in Bigg Boss 14. According to a Mid-Day report, Arshi Khan says that “If the producers of Bigg Boss call me, I would love to revisit the show and give the show a good content that I gave in 2017. I will totally give the game I will turn around. I watched the show and I have seen that Super Seniors have left a lot of opportunities when they could make the show more entertaining. When Nikki Tamboli quarreled about her nails, I felt that I am in. “


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