Uday Chopra, who directed the film ‘Behind the Scenes’ of DDLJ and received tremendous praise from the industry and audience, says,’ DDLJ was the first film in India to use ‘Behind the Scenes’ to promote a movie. it was done.’ All the box-office record-breaking films ‘ Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ (popularly known as DDLJ), was the first film written and directed by Aditya Chopra, one of the biggest blockbuster films in the history of Hindi cinema. Is one.

Shah Rukh-Kajol duo did wonders, this film gave Hindi cinema an unmatched on-screen duo as Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, which the audience of the upcoming generation will love equally. It has become the longest running Hindi film ever. But very few people know that DDLJ, which completed its 25 years on October 20, was actually the first film in the history of Indian cinema to produce the film ‘Making’, which we today Known as The Scenes (BTS).

Uday Chopra opened old secrets

Uday Chopra said on this topic, ‘Adi wanted to do something with DDLJ, which nobody had done before in Indian cinema. He asked me to take full responsibility of directing ‘Making’. Since no one in the industry had ever done this before, I had to work very hard before starting and completing this work. After coming back from California’s film school, I decided to try my hand at another aspect of film-making and felt that this would be a great opportunity for me. For this we first needed a lot of footage of the set, and in those days the only effective option was to complete this work through S-VHS. So, along with playing the role of assistant on the set of the film, I also became a videographer of BTS footage. ‘

Work on BTS

He added, ‘I remember that I always had a camera in one hand and a clap in the other hand on the set, along with a utility belt that I kept all the batteries, charging cables and spare parts with me, Everyone used to see me on the set. I got the biggest advantage of this, which I later realized, all the artists of the film had become very comfortable with me because I was present in front of them on the set. For this reason, I was able to take some very interesting and intimate shots, which helped me a lot in preparing BTS footage. DDLJ was the first film to start this trend, which we know today as BTS. However, in those days we named Behind the Scenes (BTS) as ‘The Making’.

DDLJ has won 10 Filmfare Awards

DDLJ is a record-breaking film winning 10 Filmfare Awards and this film has given Bollywood a new identity in the whole world. Made in 1995 with a budget of Rs 4 crore, this blockbuster film earned Rs 89 crore in India, while its collection in the market outside India was Rs 13.50 crore. Thus, the total collection of this film in the world in 1995 was Rs 102.50 crores. According to today’s inflation, the total collection of DDLJ in India is Rs 455 crores and in other countries is Rs 69 crores, and the total world-wide collection is Rs 524 crores which is really unmatched.

BTS footage telecasted on Doordarshan, says Uday, “This was the first film to have ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage telecasted on Doordarshan.” We gave them exclusive content, with the help of which the channel produced a special show. We received a lot of good wishes after the film’s ‘Making’ aired and it proved that our new effort has been liked by the audience. DDLJ’s BTS showed the film industry a new path, and when it comes to the marketing of films, our film set a new benchmark in India, and we are proud of it.



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