Nitish Kumar is not the only chief minister who ruled for 15 consecutive years. Prior to coming to Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been elected thrice and had completed almost 13 years. Sheila Dixit completed 15 years in Delhi, then lost the election. Naveen Patnaik has been running the government in Odisha for a long time.

But none of them said that voters should compare their fifteen years with their earlier tenure. Nitish is probably the first Chief Minister who has come out to ask for votes not on his fifteen years, but on the fifteen years before that. The time of fifteen years is not less. In this time, an entire generation handles the senses. The young voters of Bihar – that is, 20-25 years – do not have politics before Nitish in their memory. Today is Bihar in front of this generation and there are other parts of the rest of the world or country. It is very possible that he gets his Bihar disappointed today. They feel that their states are quite backward compared to states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and Karnataka. Especially in this Corona period, when he saw lakhs of Bihari citizens from other states walking on foot, returning and dying on the road, they realized that there were roads in Bihar, but they were made to take people out,

But if Nitish wants to take the wheel of politics so far, then the current development of Bihar is not the only reason. Some other reasons for this are also very clear. The first is that if the fifteen-year-old discussion goes on, people will forget what Nitish did during his fifteen years. For example, the discussion will be left behind how Nitish has been playing acrobatics from his political facility. It was not long when he was so annoyed at the fact that his photograph with Prime Minister Narendra Modi was printed that he announced the withdrawal of help from flood-affected Bihar from Gujarat. Apparently, he had to fight communalism then. And just five years ago, he did not shy away from contesting elections by joining hands with Lalu Yadav. It is clear that if the alliance with Lalu Yadav did not help in 2015, then the BJP would have started hiding them at that time.

Actually there is nothing wrong in that Nitish wants to continue as Chief Minister. This desire is natural in any politician. But it is not right to resort to ideological deception. Nitish is constantly seen doing this. Now, he conveniently forgot the jungle secret that he is remembering for fifteen years.

But this article is not being written to investigate the ideological ejaculation of Nitish, to understand the situation in Bihar. Actually, the issue of fifteen years versus fifteen years is being made, two myths are working behind it. The first myth is that Lalu Yadav’s tenure was the Jungle Raj of Bihar and the second myth is that Bihar improved completely with the coming of Nitish. The author of these lines has been a citizen of Lalu Yadav’s Bihar and therefore knows from his own experience that the trends which were identified separately during the time of Lalu Yadav were actually present, only the difference was that his command changed. , His leadership class changed. Even before the arrival of Bihar University Lalu Yadav, he was a victim of anarchy and caste rot. The exodus of students from Bihar began in the late eighties, when Lalu Yadav did not become Chief Minister. Similarly, in Bihar, the domination of the dominant castes without casteist structures continued unabated. Rather, this domination broke for the first time after the arrival of Lalu Yadav and due to this a situation of some caste massacres also happened, but this old series also ended in the later period of Lalu Yadav’s tenure. The same thing can be said about corruption. Lalu Yadav is still punishing the fodder scam, but before and after the scams and scamsters are completely missing. The process of the kidnapping industry of Lalu Yadav’s era is said to have been old. Before and after the scams and scams are completely missing. The process of the kidnapping industry of Lalu Yadav’s era is said to have been old. Before and after the scams and scams are completely missing. The process of the kidnapping industry of Lalu Yadav’s era is said to have been old.

Lalu Yadav undoubtedly had his failures. His biggest crime was that after the implementation of the recommendations of the Mandal Commission, the historic opportunity to change the status quo of Indian politics and society came to him, he lost it in the creation of a new status quo. Considering politics to be limited to absolute personal charisma, he reduced his own strength by mahuding him to his family limits and in this order lost many of his trusted allies. Worse than this, the possibility of change in Bihar was also eroding. Undoubtedly, he had made a number of beginnings — the shepherd’s school which was constantly mocked by the educated people there, was a great theoretical undertaking to bring education to the door of the poor man, of course, whose practical side remained half-baked and therefore ironic. . But fifteen years of Lalu Yadav cannot be dismissed in one stroke. Undoubtedly, his early years were also years of trying to break many of the social roots of Bihar. The thing to keep in mind is that if Lalu Yadav could not have become the Chief Minister, if he had not strengthened the foundation of the politics of social justice so much, neither Nitish nor Jitan Ram Manjhi would have made their way in the coming days. If there are so many alliances in Bihar politics this time, it is not only because the BJP’s game is behind it, but also because the political aspirations of the lower and backward castes are getting bigger and more vocal in Bihar.

Surely Bihar will have to overcome this political casteism. It has to bear the real challenges of social justice instead of walking on the false agenda of development. Unfortunately, Nitish Kumar, who describes himself as good governance babu, is also not doing this job. In 2015, Nitish is also taking forward the schemes tied and stuck with the Bihar package that Narendra Modi was presenting by hanging it like a thread-tied dessert. It is not that Bihar has not developed in this period. But where did the other states reach in these fifteen years? He cites girls and women being self-sufficient and educated. But forget that the tradition of women’s education in Bihar has been strong already. No need to go backward, If the memory of the student movement of 1974 is left within them, then they can remember how the student struggle that emerged after that came out of the young corps one by one stunning women. If he wishes, he can also remember the heroines of the novels of Phaniswanath Renu.

But politics does not give much time to remember. She moves with immediate addition and subtraction. Nitish’s latest account tells that without BJP’s crutches, he will not be able to walk this time. But the history of BJP shows that it not only crutches, but also plants wood. So she is giving support to Nitish with her hands and is also secretly hitting her leg with a foot. This skipper is from Chirag Paswan. Right now the leaders contesting elections are being expelled from the camp of Chirag, but if the equation of power changes tomorrow, then if these candidates stand in support of BJP, will the BJP not take help from them? Neither Nitish has shown so much morality nor BJP – nor will both expect this from each other.

The question is, what will happen to Bihar? The answer to this question is not easy. But it is true that if there is anxiety to get new leadership within the new generation of Bihar, then she would like to greet the old faces. If not, then Bihar will have to wander politics some more. Nitish’s our fifteen years vs. the last fifteen years is actually another new game of wandering Bihar.



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