We’ve tried every type of mascara — from volumizing, to lengthening, to ones with plastic bristles, to ones with nylon bristles, to others of all shapes and sizes — but no matter what we try, we’re never quite satisfied.

With the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash ConditionerOpens in New Window, we’re going back a step in our beauty routine to target our lash woes where they begin, before the mascara comes in. Duchess Meghan couldn’t believe the results she saw when using this product, saying she was “beyond obsessed” and that her lashes became so long, falsies were no longer necessary, even on screen!

So what does a lash conditioner do, exactly? This RevitaLash conditioner claims to enhance and protect our eyelashes by targeting numerous concerns. Its key ingredients include BioPeptin Complex, peptides and natural botanicals, which claim to “saturate” our lashes with moisture to keep them soft and healthy. This may result in less breakage and brittleness, and more moisture, flexibility and shine.


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This lash conditionerOpens in New Window also claims to promote thicker and fuller-looking lashes so we won’t need to spend 10 minutes layering on coat after coat of mascara. It was crafted with “scientifically-advanced technology,” digging past surface level to promote luxurious lashes that last.

Using this lash conditionerOpens in New Window is super simple. First and foremost, we must make sure to remove all makeup and daily grime from our face. Try out double-cleansing and using a foam cleanser after an oil one to make sure all residue is removed! Once skincare is settled and eyes are dry, we can apply a thin line of RevitaLash Advanced to our lash above the level of the skin. Just one brush stroke per lash will be plenty! Let dry and then continue life as normal, but with healthier lashes, of course. Do this once a day. No extra applications necessary!

With this conditioner, we’re adding an extra step to our routine — but in the end, our routine may end up even shorter than it was before, since we may even end up choosing to ditch the eyelash curler and mascara altogether!

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