New Delhi: Bollywood actors have shared their favorite films conveying the victory of good over evil on the occasion of Dussehra. You also know which film the actor likes. Also you will get to know why these films are liked by Akhir. 

Himani Shivpuri – ‘Bandhan’ 
Such a film for veteran actress Himani Shivpuri is Salman Khan starrer ‘Bandhan’, which came in 1998. He said that ‘Bandhan’ is one of his favorite films. This is a film that is a classic example of the fact that truth always wins. All those who have not seen this film, let them know that Jackie Shroff’s character has been shown to be a bit selfish. Jackie marries second in the film. Because of this, he spoils his relations with his first wife and his family members. They realize much later about the importance of relationships and mistakes.

The actress further said that during this festive season of Dussehra, this film inspires people not to fall prey to wrong thoughts and anger. She says people should move towards goodness. 

Tusshar Kapoor – ‘Laxmi Bomb’ 
Actor-producer Tusshar Kapoor chose his upcoming film ‘Laxmi Bomb’ starring Akshay Kumar. He recently said in an interview, ‘I just can’t think of any specific film about good victory over evil. For me, ‘Laxmi Bomb’ is such a film that gives this message. It is a special film because it tells about the victory of good over evil. There is something in this film made with Indian values ​​that everyone will be associated with. There is something in it that will teach you a lesson, there is something that will inspire you.

Harleen Sethi – ‘Rang De Basanti’
Harleen Sethi has described Rang De Basanti as her favorite film, she said that ‘Rang De Basanti’ will never be old. It encourages the youth to stand against injustice, instills a sense of patriotism, and shows opposition to moral-political corruption. It forces you to think that allowing injustice to happen is also injustice.

Hiten Tejwani – ‘The Lion King’
fits the classic Hollywood film ‘The Lion King’ theme for actor Hiten Tejwani. The actor said, ‘I like’ The Lion King ‘, how Simba goes away and later returns and later becomes king.’

Gracie Singh – ‘Lagaan’
actress Gracie Singh chose 2001 blockbuster release ‘Lagaan’ to win good over evil. The actress said, ‘The film really brings the subject to life. Distressed by heavy taxes and many years of drought, the farmers of Champaner come together to challenge the British Army on the game of cricket, so that they can remove the revenue (tax) imposed on them. Their hard work and honesty brings color in the end. The film delivers the message according to the theme.

Shamin Mannan – ‘Mardaani 2’ is the 
film ‘Mardaani 2’, conveying good on evil for actress Shamin Mannan, in which Rani Mukherjee was seen in a police avatar. He said, ‘The way Rani not only arrests the serial rapist, but also beats him a lot, he is amazing. Whenever I see that film, my cries are raised.

Saba Saudagar – ‘Mardaani’ 
actress Saba Saudagar agrees with Shamin Mannan. He said that he too likes ‘Mardaani’. She says that the film looks very real. This film completely defines the social structure. 


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