The first case of corona virus in India was found in Kerala in the first week of February. In a few days, the state government’s medical department confirmed some such other cases as well. The state quickly set up investigation centers, deploying 40,000 health officials, government employees and ground workers to investigate the suspects. From the very beginning, the state started leading the way in monitoring patients. Kerala came out with great efforts to find and convince the patients. It is not without reason that Kerala is considered the best state in terms of health care.

Think about it A few weeks ago, the Udaipur administration was brought down by the efficiency of the Kerala government. A call was received from the Kerala government that three people had traveled with a student from Kerala. The student from Kerala returned from Wuhan in China and was found to be corona positive during the investigation. After the call, the Udaipur administration swung into action and took three people, including a Chinese tourist, into its grip. The three were admitted to a state hospital in Udaipur, but the case did not end here. Two days later, Udaipur officials received a call from Kerala, asking how the three separated patients are now.

The truth was that two out of three people, including Chinese tourists, had disappeared from surveillance due to the terror of district administration officials in Rajasthan. The police once again got dizzy and the investigation intensified, then found that the two fleeing men had traveled to Jaipur. He was immediately sent to a hospital in Jaipur for corona examination. Apparently, the Rajasthan authorities were caught in a way. He had no clue how his patients disappeared from the monitoring center in Udaipur? Well, this case had a happy ending and all the suspects were declared virus free.

Similarly, two patients in Madhya Pradesh escaped from the monitoring center without being told. There was a limit in the case of Karnataka. A company employee returned to Bangalore after a honeymoon from Europe. The groom arrived at the hospital to be examined, but the bride left for Agra to visit her parents. He had taken a flight and a train journey. A magistrate had to be sent to Agra to evacuate the woman and the woman was admitted to the hospital for examination. Family members were also sent to the isolation ward. A case was also registered against the woman’s father for misleading the administration. The father claimed that the woman had returned to Bangalore.

When the corona virus is spreading, Kerala is dealing with extreme caution, hard work, patience, perseverance and professionalism. The first phase of the corona investigation in Kerala is very intensive, which is probably why it has been able to detect many cases early. Kerala is a lesson for all, the state has set an example in advising people to isolate suspected cases, investigate affected populations and effectively try voluntary social segregation.

Due to delay in action in Wuhan, the epicenter of the disaster, China has been engulfed in the fire of the epidemic and has also failed to warn the rest of the world in time. Many experts believe that the immediate dissemination of information received at an early stage may be effective in preventing any virus from spreading. Well, China later took drastic measures due to it being a totalitarian power, and now it seems to be getting success.

On the other hand, Kerala is not only performing well in surveillance, but also treating people isolated for treatment or investigation in a humane manner. The state has taken such good care of the suspected patients that some of them admitted themselves to the isolation ward and became the brand ambassadors of the state’s health system. Kerala Health Minister KK Selja is also being appreciated, which is an achievement in itself. He handled the situation very efficiently even during the outbreak of Nipah virus in 2017 and 2018.

An isolation ward designed to examine and treat the corona does not mean that the patient is cut off the most. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and other staff are constantly with him. The District Medical Officer and even the Health Minister keep inquiring about such patients. Patients are allowed to watch television, read newspaper-blogs, talk on the phone and interact with their near and dear ones. They are given good food, but are not allowed to meet anyone else. Patients can also enjoy luscious meals from their home. Their blood pressure and temperature are checked round the clock. Medications are given. A suffering blogger living in isolation ward says Kerala’s ‘Medicare’ is world class.

Not only the Government of Kerala, but also the ordinary citizens of the state are behaving responsibly so that the virus does not spread any more. One case is of Lino Abel, Lino, who works in photography in Qatar, came to see his father, but he complained of a sore throat and fever. He was admitted to the same hospital for examination. His father did not survive. The body of the father was being taken for the last rites and the son was just standing by the window of his ward. The Chief Minister also praised Lino. People should understand that the corona cases first came up in Kerala, probably so that the rest of the country also gets a chance to fight and fight together.


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