Engineering Entrance: Exams of 2021 may be rescheduled, form filling process of JEE Main has not even started yet

After the reschedule of the main examinations of the year 2020 due to Kovid-19, the corona now seems to have an impact on the JEE Main in the year 2021. Every year the form filling process of JEE Main was finished by November, but this year is about to end November, but the form filling process has not started yet.

In this way, the main in January may be rescheduled in February 2021 and the main in April may be rescheduled in May-2021. Here, the admission process is still going on in the NIT system. After Jossa Counseling, CSAB counseling is now going on for the remaining seats of NIT.

After the completion of counseling, students who have not found their favorite college can repeat JEE Main. However, the NTA has considered the proposed January and April of the same incident. Students’ 2021 preparations will also start late due to late counseling.

Changing the schedule of JEE Main will also directly affect JEE Advanced. In such a situation, next year’s advanced may be possible in June. At the same time, NTA will also have to take care of the date sheet of CBSE and other board exams.

Meanwhile, after the release of the revised syllabus of JEE, the syllabus will be fully explained in the information brochure of Main and Advanced. Due to the time taken in this entire process, the schedule of main and advanced schedule is going to be decided next year.

283 students have written letters to IITs to increase their attachment, 283 students have written letters
to all 23 IITs to increase the attachment of JEE Advanced and eliminate 75 percent marks in Eligibility Criteria in the year 2021. Students say that an additional prompt should be given in the year 2021 due to Kovid. In 2020, the requirement of 75% marks in 12th should be abolished due to school closure and online studies.

Preparations for the exam are online, coaching institutes are also closed. Since
March 2020, after the lockdown, studies have stopped in coaching classrooms. Students have prepared for the year 2021 online. The main preparations for the year 2020 were the last time students were offline. This year, we have had to rely on online education for preparations and douts.


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