Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) is suggesting that the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe is showing signs of stagnation, Europe remains the epicenter of the epidemic with over thirty thousand deaths. Earlier this week, Mike Ryan, head of health emergencies at the WHO, said Italy and Spain were reaching a peak, but we hope that now the European lockdown will begin to bear fruit. However, he says that the reality is less and more hope Right now it is only expected that things have started coming under control in the richest parts of the world in the grip of this epidemic.
The devastation caused by the corona virus in Europe, unlike any other crisis after World War II, should have been an opportunity for this continent and the European Union (EU) to show regional solidarity. There was an occasion when a situation was created to make the integration of Europe effective and take advantage, but instead the nations of Europe are taking their own steps within their national boundaries. The European Union has hardly played any role in taking any coherent regional initiative against the epidemic. Most regional leaders of the European Union are vying to take different rescue initiatives in the hour of crisis. Weaknesses of some of the world’s richest countries have been exposed in the field of medicine.
In the war with Corona, the world has hardly seen any mixed action from the whole of Europe. Europe’s national governments have decided to control the Corona infection by closing their borders. The people of Europe, who once worked to provoke right-wing populist sentiments, are running under the leadership of them today. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is one of the first leaders to blame ‘foreigners’ for the epidemic. His claim may be a symptom of a larger trend in Europe. Because of this trend, big questions are being raised about the future of that European enterprise, which is based on giving freedom or opportunity to outsiders in Europe. The goals of the European project are beginning to waver.
Even from an economic point of view, the European project has had to forget some of its fundamental beliefs. Currently, the European Commission has to make concessions under special provision to the member states of the Union to fight the corona virus, so that they can spend money fighting the epidemic, not worrying about the huge losses. It is an emergency economic measure, which has been used for the first time in the history of the European Union. European countries will overcome this crisis even with excessive debt, but their doing so may increase the fragmentation of the European Union.
The widespread geopolitics going on in European nations has also raised some serious questions on the future of the European Union. Last month, Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mio publicly praised China when an aircraft from China arrived in Italy with medical equipment and doctors to help fight the Corona virus. He also openly expressed his displeasure with the attitude of European nations who offered only verbal help. He said, many foreign ministers had offered solidarity and said that we want to extend a helping hand, but this evening I want to show you that primary aid from China has arrived.
In the meantime, Serbian President Alexander Vušić made the European Union as if it had been deserted. He said that European solidarity is missing, … it is just a paper fairy tale. Vucic also announced that he had written a letter to his ‘brother and friend’ Xi Jinping, seeking medical help from him, as China is the only country that can help us.
Some European countries have such an attitude unlike countries like France. These days even in times of crisis, countries like France are assessing that the EU’s dependence on China is working towards harming the Union. The French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Mayer, has called for the need to reconnect broken supply chains between countries, so that the independence and sovereignty of nations benefit. Today, at the time of this crisis, there is widespread dissatisfaction due to that initial attitude of China, due to which this crisis has increased so much. Countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands have been forced to return faulty test kits of the Corona virus from China.
One side is that the European Union is now China’s second-largest trading partner after the US, with its own limits on how much separation there can be between the world’s leading economic powers. Apart from this, the fact will also be in the cognizance of the European Union that even after the crisis caused by the epidemic comes to an end and after that economic reforms become a priority for Europe, even then China cannot be ignored.
Since the end of World War II, the European Union has been an example in the world of how nations can overcome their conflicting interests and work collectively in line with overall regional desires. But today the ideal of the world’s only super-natural organization seems to end badly, as EU member states have retreated to their own national conveniences. As such, European idealism was dying out before the outbreak of the corona virus. This latest crisis will make the restoration of that idealism impossible, if not more difficult than before.


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