Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has worked in many superhit films in her career. He has won the heart of his fans with his acting as well as beauty. Although Shilpa has done many memorable films in her career, but she is still remembered for the film ‘Dhadak’. Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty were also with him in this film. Recently, in one of his interviews, Shilp had told that he had to struggle a lot in the early stages of his career.

Shilpa Shetty started with the film ‘Baazigar’ and told that she had to face different reactions from people and film makers, but even after that she never gave up. She started her acting career with Shah Rukh Khan in the film ‘Baazigar’ and played an important role in it, after which she became a popular star overnight.

Heartache is also a case that the actress is very upset even after so many years. In an interview, he said that the film ‘Dhadak’ was one of the best films of his career but he would regret that he had never received any award for this film, Shilpa says’ I had blonde hair at that time, There was a blue lens in my eyes and I used to apply red lipstick which was quite appropriate on me. But despite all this, no award was given to me. I was expected to get awards especially for ‘Dhadak’ and ‘Phir Milenge’ films.

Shilpa expressed Afosos

Shilpa Shetty further said, ‘I am sorry that no one had seen me as an actress at that time. I worked in so many hit films but my career did not last that much. I always know that I have been walking on the right path and I am walking forward. Although I got a lot of rejections, but I never panicked but these things gave me the courage to become even better.



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