Facebook criticizes Netflix, clash on this issue, know what happened

Facebook criticizes Netflix, clash on this issue, know what happened

Controversy has erupted between social media platform Facebook and OTT platform Netflix over a documentary. This led to a verbal attack on Netflix from Facebook. In fact, a documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ was released on Netflix, which is very much liked by the audience. But this documentary was not liked by Facebook.

This is the reason why Facebook documentary liked it

The reason for Facebook not liking the documentary is legitimate. In this documentary, the social media platform got quite tighter. The social media platform was claimed to use users as a product. Also accused of spreading misinformation. Let me tell you that Jeff Orlowski’s documentary was released on Netflix last month, giving the message that social media platforms are using their power illegally, distributing false information to society.

Facebook clarifies criticism

Facebook did not like such criticism of the social media platform. In such a situation, Facebook has criticized it by saying that the content has been manipulated and shown sensationalized and the social media platform has been sacrificed. There is currently no comment from Netfix in this matter.

Facebook claims not to sell information

Facebook said it has policies in place that prevent businesses from sending sensitive data about people, including keeping information safe. Facebook said that information on any of its platforms is not sold. Along with this, users have also been given the option to remove these information from the company.


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