Social media website Facebook (Facebook) has merged its photo sharing app Instagram (Instagram) for its users with the direct message service of Facebook Messenger. With this, the experience of chatting with people is going to be very pleasant and fun. 

Facebook is constantly engaged in merging all its services. Recently the company has integrated Instagram from the chat box of Messenger. With this, people will be able to send messages directly to Instagram from Messenger and will be able to send messages directly to the Messenger with Instagram. Although the company has just started its roll out in phases, users have to choose this option in advance. If you want to get this feature then you will get the facility. At present, the company has started this feature only on its app.

You can ignore the option, you can also ignore this option on the app. With the update, Instagram users can also use features such as message forwarding and chat customization. Users can also change the color of their chat. They can give their chat any nickname. Facebook has made these features available on Instagram first. Soon these features will also be seen on Messenger.

There are also new features. Apart from these features, some more new features have also been given, including selfie stickers, watch toughedak (you can watch trending videos with friends) and vanish mode (7 messages of fixed time are missing themselves). Calls and messages made from Instagram to Instagram will only be present in the Instagram app


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