Until two weeks ago in the elite area of ​​Noida where I live, only the hoarse voice of vehicles was heard, but now often peacock-jigger of peacock is heard. Sometimes the cuckoo cries, sometimes the fourth time of night, the chirping of a bird hits the ears. How good it would have been if we were going through normal days, but Covid-19 has brought the world on a slope where the steps of humanity are slipping away. The number of deaths is increasing day by day and the number of sick also increases. In such a situation, peacock’s peehu-peehoo, cuckoo’s koo-koo or a bird’s tweet do not remind anything other than the pain.

Scientists believe that this epidemic will outstrip chronic Darun continental diseases. This is the reason why governments all over the world, except Sweden, are prohibiting the movement of people. India has been in lockdown for the last 12 days. Most people are following the restrictions themselves, but there are some people who are not ready to accept the deadly potential of this epidemic. Such people are no less dangerous than human bombs.

some examples. On Friday, dozens of people gathered in Kannauj city to offer prayers. The police and the administration tried to convince them that it was not appropriate to do so. Along with the Ulama of Deoband, Firangi Mahal and Bareilly, many Muslim scholars have also said that in these days of crisis it would be appropriate to offer Namaz at home, but the crowd did not listen. The heat of the atmosphere increased and Namazis attacked the police force. They not only beat up the policemen, but also set the police post on fire. Later a large number of armed forces drove him.

This is not an isolated incident. Earlier too, police or health department teams had been attacked in many places. Who are these people? On whose instigation are you doing this? Do they not think that their actions are threatening not only theirs but also the lives of other people? On the incident in Indore, senior poet relief Indori was moved. He used to say, ‘Tell me whose house it was, where the doctors spit on it, so that I could hold their feet, rub their foreheads and tell them to have mercy on myself, on my community, and on my country’.

In fact, efforts have been made to spoil the atmosphere ever since the more than 1,500 people who came to attend the Markaz of Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi. The people of the Jamaat themselves who were kept in the Quarantine also committed such slanderous acts, which cannot be expected from any religious person. At the government hospital in Ghaziabad, he treated the nurses in a way that was unimaginable. His comrades in Agra refused to eat food. He wanted a buffalo biriyani. He seemed to be part of a larger conspiracy to avoid food. Earlier some of them were not ready for investigation. They were telling it against their religion. This is happening for the first time in the country, when people who claim to be part of a religious organization are found to be doing such activities on sensitive issues like public health.

According to the Health Ministry, 1,023 of those who joined this group were found to be Corona positive by Saturday evening. The Jamaat alone is responsible for 30 percent of the country’s cases. The ministry also claims that these people have turned their back on the benefits of lockdown. Many people will not like this claim, but one thing is certain that this kind of jahilana action forces the fundamentalists of other religions. If you do not trust, then look at the tu-tu, main-me released on social media, everything will be cleared. In a twenty-first century India, which has the largest population of graduates in the world, such incidents are embarrassing. Are we moving forward with degrees or are we returning to the middle ages?

There is no doubt that due to the timely implementation of lockdown, the spread of Covid-19 in India was limited. The government had got enough preparation time and some optimists were hoping that we would survive the third round. But first migrating from the metros and then freeing the infection-prone people of the Jamaat in seventeen states of the country is creating new fears.

Will the government have to increase the lockdown even after April 14?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the entire country at nine o’clock tonight to extinguish the lights of his house for nine minutes and leave it in the door or balcony of the house. He wants the countrymen to express their solidarity in fighting this epidemic by lighting candles, lamps, flashlights or flashlights of mobile phones during this period. On March 22, when they had called for applause and chanting for the encouragement of the people engaged in essential services at five o’clock in the evening, it was taken up by the people. However, social media and political masters had raised questions even then, are still raising questions. In such a situation, one thing is certain that this call will be considered successful only when 125 crore people of India at least believe that corona is an epidemic and it has to be dealt with as the epidemics are dealt with.



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