Filaria Causes Symptoms and Treatment
Filaria Causes Symptoms and Treatment

This article by Stylecrase is based on a disease called ‘filariasis’. Some readers who read this article may have some knowledge about it. At the same time, some people may only know the name of this disease. Therefore, in this article an attempt has been made to give as much information about ‘filariasis’ disease as possible with scientific evidence. Through this article, you will know what causes filariasis and what are its symptoms. Also, information has been given in this article about how filariasis can be treated.

Let us first know who is called filaria.

What is filariasis – What is Filaria in Hindi

Filaria is a parasitic disease. The disease is caused by Nematode Worms. These parasites can enter the human body through certain species of mosquitoes (Wuchereria Bancrofti or Rugia Malayi) and blood sucking pests. This disease is also called Filaria or Filariasis. In the following article, information about the type of the disease, its causes and treatment related to it is given.

Know further what type of filariasis is.

Types of Filaria

There are three types of filariasis, which are:

  1. Lymphatic filariasis: This is the most common type of filariasis caused by parasites called Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and Brugia Timori. These worms affect the lymphatic system (a part of the circulatory system), including the lymph nodes. Lymphatic filariasis is also called Elephantiasis.
  2. Subcutaneous filariasis: This can be caused by parasites called Loa loa (I worm), Mansonella streptocerca and Onchocerca volvulus. It affects the lower layer of the skin.
  3. Serous Cavity Filariasis: It also falls under the type of filariasis.

Note: The two types of filariasis described above (subcutaneous and serous cavity filariasis) are rare. Not much information is available about them. At the same time, lymphatic filariasis is the most common type. Therefore, the article describes lymphatic filariasis in detail.

Know further what may be the causes of filariasis.

Causes of Filaria (Filariasis)

Filaria treatment can be easier when the cause is known. If we talk about the cause of filariasis, then it is mentioned at the beginning of the article that it is caused by nematode parasites. These parasites can enter the body of a healthy person through mosquitoes and other blood-drinking insects. Below we are giving the names of other insects that can cause filariasis.

  • Bancrofti (Wuchereria Bancrofti)
  • Brugia Malayi
  • Brugia Timori
  • Mansonella
  • Onchocerca volvulus

Now this question must be coming in your mind that how is filariasis detected. In this part of the article, we are talking about the symptoms of filariasis.

Symptoms of Filaria

Symptoms of filariasis are as follows.

  • Recurrent fever
  • Swelling of organs, genitals and breasts
  • Hydrocele – inflammation in the testicle
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Swelling of hands and feet

Note: However, the symptoms of filariasis can vary according to its type. Not only this, some people may not even show symptoms.

Read further about filariasis risk factors.

Risk factors of filariasis

Know below the risk factors of filariasis. These risk factors are taken from a research article published on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( 10 ) –

  • People living in Tropical or Sub-Tropical regions for a long time are most likely to get it.
  • Those who travel to these places, but this risk is less in them.

Now it is time to know the treatment of filariasis. In this part of the article, an attempt has been made to give as much information as possible.

Treatment of filariasis – treatment of Filaria (Filariasis)

Read below how filaria can be treated:

  1. Antiparasitic Treatment: As mentioned above in the article, nematode worms cause filariasis. In such cases, anti-parasitic treatment may be required to eliminate them. In this, the doctor can give the following medicines to the patient ( 11 ).
  • Albendazole
  • Ivermectin
  • Doxycycline
  • Diethylcarbamazine Citrate (DEC-DEC)

Note: Keep in mind that these medicines are taken according to the doctor’s instructions. Do not use them without medical consultation. It is possible that doctors may also change these medicines according to the patient’s condition.

  1. Surgery: In some cases filariasis can also be treated with surgery. If the problem is more aggravated and has taken a serious form, then in these cases, doctors can perform surgery. Surgery can improve to a great extent ( 12 ), but there may also be a risk of infection after surgery ( 13 ). Therefore, it is better to consult the doctor after taking care of the initial symptoms.

Along with the treatment of filariasis, proper diet is also necessary. Below is an attempt to give information related to diet in filariasis.

Filaria Diet – Filaria Diet

For the treatment of filarial disease to be effective, it is also necessary to take the right diet. Therefore, below we are giving information about dietary intake in filariasis.

  • Eat a protein rich diet ( 14 ).
  • Consume maximum fluids.

Note: In addition, accurate information related to diet can be obtained from the doctor from the patient. As we have already mentioned above, there are many types of filariasis. In such a situation, the doctor gives information about the diet to the patient’s condition.

Now it is my turn to know about rescue from elephant feet.

Measures to avoid filaria – Prevention Tips for Filaria

Many times a person is unable to protect himself from illness due to lack of information. So in this part of the article, we are trying to give some tips to rescue readers from elephant feet ( 15 ).

  • As we mentioned above in the article, mosquitoes and blood sucking pests can act to spread filariasis. Therefore, keep yourself away from them as much as you can.
  • Wear full clothes outside or at home in the evening.
  • Apply a bed net before bed.
  • Use liquid mosquito repellent at home.
  • Also go to the doctor for frequent body checkups.

We hope that from this article you have got the causes, symptoms and other important information of filariasis. If it is found out in time, then treatment of filariasis is possible. Also it is better to take precautions to prevent filariasis as much as possible. If symptoms of filariasis are seen in the family or in a person of any acquaintance, then advise them for medical treatment immediately. Also, increase awareness about this problem by spreading this article to more and more people. Apart from this, for other information and suggestions related to this article, you can take help of the comment box given below.


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