The Promo of Hindi ‘Ghalib’ based on Afzal Guru has been released. The promo of the film is being liked a lot. The film is based on the terrorism of Kashmir. Along with this, the high education system of Prayagraj is shown in the film. TV actress Deepika Chikhaliya will be seen playing the lead role in this film. She was well-liked for the role of Sita on TV. In the film, he is shown on the positive side.

The film ‘Ghalib’, which will be released on December 11, was ready for a long time, but due to Corona, it could not be released. Currently, the release date of the film has also been announced along with the promo release. The film will be released across India on December 11. Dheeraj Mishra and Yashomati Devi have written the story of the film. The film is directed by Manoj Giri. Ghanshyam Patel and Nimisha Amin are the producers of the film.

Apart from Deepika, these stars will be seen in the film Anil Rastogi, Mir Sarwar, Vishal Dubey, Soham Maity, Vivek Tripathi, Gaurav Singh, Prashant Rai, Aarti Tyagi and Megha Joshi will be seen playing important roles. Deepika Chikhaliya will be seen in the lead role.

Most of the shooting of the film has been done in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the shooting of the film has been done in Prayagraj, Naini, Karchana Rampur, Sangam in Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, parts of the film have been shot in Bhadarwah of Kashmir. Nimisha Amin is the co-producer.


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