Following friends in Google Maps became easy, company released new feature
Following friends in Google Maps became easy, company released new feature

Google Maps is a popular navigation service among the people today and the company is trying to make it better by the day. Under these efforts, so far many new and special features have been included in Google Maps and make it easy to use. At the same time, the company has introduced another new feature to provide better facility to the users. In this feature, the option to follow friends has been given and users can also get advice and updates from friends who follow.

This feature was made available for testing by the company last year, while it is now being launched in the global market. While sharing information about the new feature on its block page, the company wrote that ‘We introduced a feature last year that allows people to select local guides and they can share their experience on Google Maps . At the same time, we are presenting this feature globally. Users of the world will be able to take advantage of this.

The company has informed that with the help of the new feature, users can share photos, reviews and experiences in public as well as following their friends and family. Which will be highlighted under an update tab. Apart from this, users will also get the facility of many topics and filters on the profile.

According to the information given on the blog, the company has prepared a new setting for Google Maps and in this, users will be able to manage their Google Maps profile. Also, users will have the option of whether they want to make their profile photos, reviews, photos and others public. In this, you will be able to allow any users to visit their profile or not. Then why should he follow you at all. That is, users will have complete control of your profile.


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