Frankincense Oil (Loban Ka Tel) Benefits And Side Effects
Frankincense Oil (Loban Ka Tel) Benefits And Side Effects

You must have heard the name of frankincense, but are you familiar with frankincense oil? You will be surprised to know that like frankincense, frankincense oil is also beneficial for the body. Learn about the benefits of frankincense oil in this article of Stylecrase. Also, we will tell you how to use lowball oil and what are its disadvantages? Readers should note that frankincense oil is not a medical cure for any problem. This can only help reduce the effects of the problem to some extent.

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First of all, we are telling you how frankincense oil is made.

What is Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense is also known as Shallaki and just as Shallaki has its benefits , frankincense oil also has many benefits. Frankincense oil is prepared from aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees. It can be beneficial for health in many ways. Frankincense oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can show positive effects on many types of physical problems ( 1 ). The physical benefits of frankincense oil are explained below.

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Here we are talking about the benefits of frankincense oil for health.

Benefits of Frankincense Oil (Loban Ke Tel)

1. in joint problem

Couples in the pain of the problem is common may be exposed as well as the symptoms of arthritis. The use of frankincense oil may prove beneficial here. According to a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), frankincense oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This property can be beneficial in inflammatory problems in arthritis ( 2 ).

2. To improve bowel

Crohn’s disease (intestinal inflammation) can cause abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition ( 3 ). Frankincense oil can help to overcome this problem. A research on this subject is available on the NCBI website. According to research, the use of frankincense extracts can reduce the disease to some extent ( 4 ). In addition, another research used 400 mg frankincense extracts thrice daily for 6 weeks on patients with collagenous colitis. Collagenous colitis (inflammation of one type of intestines) affects the intestine. Research has found that the use of frankincense extracts may be beneficial in reducing collagenous colitis ( 5 ). Right now, what properties of frankincense could make it possible, it is still a matter of research.

3. For asthma

Use of frankincense oil asthma the problem may also be beneficial. According to a research, frankincense extracts have a variety of medicinal properties. One of them is antiinflammatory. This property may help reduce the risk of asthma and the associated inflammation ( 6 ). At the moment, further research needs to be done on this topic.

4. For Oral Health

Gingivitis (Gingivitis) and inflammation of the gums is known as. The use of frankincense oil can be effective in removing this problem. A research in this regard is available on the NCBI website. Research has found that frankincense oil has antiinflammatory properties. This property can help in relieving the problem of gingivitis caused by plaque ( 7 ).

5. Cancer prevention

Frankincense oil can help to some extent in preventing cancer. According to research published on the NCBI website, frankincense oil has anticancer properties, which can act against cancer. In addition, research has found that frankincense oil may also be beneficial in preventing tumor growth ( 8 ). Here we make it clear that frankincense oil cannot be a cure for cancer. Therefore, if someone is suffering from this disease, then they should be treated by a doctor.

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6. Reduce diabetes

High levels of blood sugar diabetes the problem causes. Frankincense oil may have advantages to overcome this problem. Many research institutes have researched this topic and found that frankincense extracts have antidiabetic properties. These properties, which are found in oil extracts of frankincense, may be effective in reducing the sugar present in the blood. This can control diabetes ( 9 ).

7. To improve memory

According to research conducted on mice, frankincense oil can be used to enhance learning and memory. To confirm this, the effect of frankincense extracts to enhance the memory of 20 mice was investigated. The study found that using frankincense extracts may show favorable effects on memory. It also highlighted that further studies are needed to better know its effect ( 10 ). In addition, another research found that one of the main components of frankincense oil is boswellic acid ( 1 ). Memory may be partially improved by the use of boswellic acid ( 11 ). At the moment, further intensive research is still needed on this topic.

8. Prevention of heart disease

The use of Laban oil can be beneficial in relieving cardiac problems. Research has found that frankincense oil has many properties as well as cardioprotective properties, which may be somewhat helpful in relieving heart disease ( 12 ). In case of heart disease, medical examination must be done, because frankincense oil is not a cure for heart disease.

9. To balance hormones and remove stress

According to a research published on the NCBI website, frankincense oil can reduce stress hormone levels. In addition to the limonene and α-pinene found in it, antioxidant properties may show positive effects on stress hormones. However, how it can control this hormone is a matter of research. On the other hand, this research also mentions that frankincense oil can be helpful in relieving stress by promoting sleep ( 13 ).


After knowing the medicinal properties of frankincense oil, here we are talking about the nutritional element of frankincense oil.

 Nutritional Ingredients of Frankincense Oil

The major constituents found in frankincense oil are, α-hugeness (12%), α-pine (8%), Beninese (2.2%), limousine (1.9%), Molina (0.9%), peristyle (0.5 %), Methodological (11.6%), polyethylene (2.1%), keens (0.9%), Sebring A (0.5%) and membranous (1.9%). Apart from this, many compounds are found in it ( 14 ).

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After medicinal properties and major components of frankincense oil, know below about its use.

How to Use Frankincense Oil

It can be used in many ways for the benefit of frankincense oil. Know the different ways to use it below.

  • Frankincense oil can be used to reduce inflammation of the body.
  • The toothpaste has a drop overall problem of gums from brushing, teeth in pain may help in removing the odor of mouth. Do consult a doctor before using it for teeth.
  • Frankincense oil can work to provide relief in headaches.
  • Frankincense oil can also be used in perfumes and skin care products.

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Know the loss of frankincense oil in this section after use.

Side Effects of Frankincense Oil

There is no precise scientific research related to the loss of frankincense oil. Below we are describing some of the anticipated losses from its extract ( 15 ).

  • People with sensitive skin may have allergic problems .
  • It can also cause gastrointestinal (stomach related) problems.

Through the article, you have learned about the benefits and uses of frankincense oil, as well as how frankincense oil can show a positive effect from minor problems to severe diseases. Also, readers should also keep in mind that frankincense oil is not a medical cure for any problem. This can only avoid the problem and reduce its impact to some extent. People suffering from serious physical problems must get their medical treatment done. Hope this article helps you.


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