G20 conference in India in 2023:G-20 member countries take initiative to open supply chain and start global transport

G-20 member countries expressed solidarity and agreement that the supply chain should be opened. Also, whatever means of global transport should be opened and security should be taken against Covid-19. The G-20 summit concluded on Sunday with the goal of creating an environment of free, fair, predictable, and stable trade and investment.

Initiative to ensure economic reform

G-20 member countries took the initiative to ensure economic recovery after the adverse effect of Covid-19. G-20 leaders stressed the urgent need to control the spread of the virus. The leaders said that doing so is very important to ensure the path of global economic recovery. The G-20 announced that the top 20 economies have mobilized resources to meet the immediate financing needs in global health.

This will benefit the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of safe health and vaccine for the solution of Covid-19.

A multilateral trading system will be supported

The leaders of the member countries said that support of the multilateral trading system is also important as always. We strive to realize the goal of an independent, fair, non-discriminatory, transparent and stable business and investment environment and to keep our markets open. The leaders said that we will continue to work to ensure equal opportunities to foster an enabling business environment.

Will support G20 steps

The announcement of the G-20 leaders at the end of the conference stated that we support the steps taken by the G-20 to support world trade and investment in an environment of COVID-19. The leaders also committed to ensuring that any restrictive measures related to the Covid-19, including air and sea cruise, are made transparent and temporary and are followed in accordance with the obligations under international agreements.

G-20 was to be held in India in 2022

Before that, India was going to host the G-20 summit in 2022. Because in this year 75th anniversary of Indian independence is coming. Now India will host the summit in 2023 and for this it has swapped with Indonesia.

Riyadh conference was successful

At the end of the summit on Sunday, the leaders announced that we thank Saudi Arabia for the successful hosting of the Riyadh summit and its contribution to the G-20 process. We are ready to take part in our next meetings in Italy in 2021, Indonesia in 2022, India in 2023, and Brazil in 2024.


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