Gauhar Khan and Zaid Darbar can get married in Mumbai next month. Zaid Darbar’s father and noted music director Ismail Darbar has said in an interview to ‘The Times of India’ that Gauhar Khan came to our house a few days before his entry as a stormy senior in Bigg Boss 14 house. Ismail Darbar has said that our special meeting with Gauhar was held at our house. And we all ate biryani together. On this special occasion, my wife Ayesha spoke to Gauhar for 4 hours. After this special meeting, it has become clear that both Zaid and Gauhar want to marry each other.

Ismail Darbar told the newspaper in an interview that, “My son Zaid has told me that they are quite serious about each other. And it doesn’t bother me. As a father, I once told him She was 5 years older than him. So decide whether it is real love or not. Before you both decide to get married. But my son is very confident in his love and when we meet Gauhar and his After spending time together, we also became convinced that Gauhar takes great care of our son. My wife after talking to Gauhar told me that it is very good.

Ismail Darbar’s wife Ayesha told the Times of India, “We are happy in every decision that Zaid takes. He never differentiated between me and his mother. Gauhar is a very sweet girl. We will not decide What to do because he is their life. His wife said that both of them are going to get married in November, Singer Ismail Darbar said, “We don’t know anything about the wedding date of both. But yes, if Zaid and If Gauhar decides to get married tomorrow or after six months or even today, then we are with him. We just want both of them to be together and be happy.



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