Good News! Paytm returns to Google Play Store
Good News! Paytm returns to Google Play Store

Tech Desk. Digital payment app Paytm was removed from the Google Play Store today for violating the rules. After which the users were very disappointed. But there is good news for users that this app has made a comeback on the Google Play Store. Now Android users can download Paytm comfortably. The company has shared this information through its Twitter account. 

Paytm, sharing information through its Twitter account, has told that Paytm is back on the Google Play Store. Explain that earlier, the company had given information on Twitter that Paytm is not available for download for some time and also assured the users to return soon. 

Paytm statement after return to Play Store

After returning to the Google Play Store, Paytm gave a message to its users saying that ‘your money is completely safe and you can use Wallet, Banking and UPI services comfortably’. The company has assured users that the wallet, banking, gold and UPI services are safe.

Assurance given to users

After being removed from the Google Play Store, Paytm said that we should return soon and your amount is completely safe. You can easily use Paytm. Explain that this app was removed from the Android platform only, while it was available for downloading on the Play Store. 

This was the reason for removal from the Play Store

After removing Paytm from the Google Play Store, Google had reported through its blog that Paytm violated company rules. Google says that online casinos and other gambling apps cannot be used in India and is against our policy. If anyone does this, it is a violation of the policy. When doing so, the app is removed from the Google Play Store. Due to violation of this rule, Paytm has been processed. 


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