Google in difficulty: The company facing investigation in the UK regarding privacy

A group of competitors said after regulators complained that Google was facing fresh scrutiny in the UK over the rebuilding of its advertising data system, which would affect American tech giant Google’s online dominance.

Open Web Marketers, the publishing company and the technology group said on Monday that they are urging the UK Competition Watchdog to come forward and pressurize Google to delay its “privacy sandbox” rollout, early next year Rollout to be done in

Third party cookies will be removed with the new technology, which stores user information in the device, it will be replaced by Google ‘s own tool. The group said that this means that other information including login, advertising will be removed from the open web and will go under Google’s control.

The CMA (The Competition and Market Authority) also confirmed that they had received a complaint regarding this. “We take the matters raised in the complaint very seriously, and will carefully assess them to open a formal investigation under the Competition Act,” it said in a statement. He further said – if more is needed, the last step will be considered to stop any suspected anti-competitive behavior.

What is the matter?

  • The complaint is about Google‘s new system, which was raised in July by the watchdog, which deals with online platforms and digital advertising. The report recommended that the British government adopt a new regulatory approach for Google to make more money through online advertisements.
  • Google says that the new technology will not only ensure privacy but will also help publishers. The company stated that the ad-sported web is at risk if digital advertising practices are not developed to reflect people’s changing expectations of how data is collected and used.

Google Chrome is the world’s leading browser

  • Google Chrome is the world’s leading web browser, and others such as Microsoft Edge are based on Chromium technology. CMA (The Competition and Market Authority) reported in a July report that Google controls the UK’s $ 880 million search advertising market.
  • The marketer for the Open Web stated that Privacy Sandbox would deny News Publishers access to the cookies they use to sell digital advertising, which would greatly reduce their revenue.
  • The group said Google’s transformation would transform the digital ad business into “a walled garden of its Chrome browser, where it would be out of the reach of regulators.”


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