Google India Launched Make Small Strong Campaign To Promote Small Business

Google India Launched Make Small Strong Campaign To Promote Small Business

Tech Desk. Legendary tech company Google launched a special campaign for India’s small businessmen, named ‘Make Small Strong’, on Wednesday. Through this campaign, the company wants to help small businessmen who have tried their best to grow their businesses in difficult times. The company will also encourage businessmen to adopt digital mediums through this campaign. Apart from this, many special features will be added to Google Search and Google Map, so that users will be able to easily find small traders.   

Google search and Google map will soon get special features

The company will add many special features to Google Search and Google Map under the ‘ Make Small Strong ‘ campaign, which will enable users to easily search for small traders. The special thing is that users will be able to give ratings to small businesses for their services. This will greatly benefit the traders. According to a Google-Kantar report, today 5 out of 10 businesses are using digital channels. Earlier in April, 4 out of 10 merchants were associated with digital channels. This report further states that 92 percent of the businesses are facing problems related to lack of customers. Therefore, it is very important for traders to adopt digital channels and this will greatly benefit the business in the Corona era. Explain that Google has partnered with ‘Make Small Strong’ in collaboration with Jagran Group for this campaign.

Partnership with these companies

Google has partnered with Zoho, Instamojo, Dunzo and Swiggy as part of the ‘Make Small Strong’ campaign. Under this partnership, Zoho will provide three months free subscription to Zoho site, Zoho Inventory and Zoho Commerce to the people. Also, a six-month subscription will be provided for the Premium Online Store Solution service from Instamojo. Apart from this, Dunzo will not charge people for registering online business, while the Fasttrack Onboarding process has been started by Swiggy. Through this process, restaurants will be able to connect with Swiggy’s platform within 7 days only. 

Namaste Digital TV show will come soon 

Google is about to launch a new television show called Namaste Digital in association with Doordarshan. In this show, the importance of digitalization will be explained to the traders. Also, they will be given necessary information about the Internet.   

‘The Anywhere School’ campaign

Let us tell you that Google started ‘The Anywhere School’ campaign before Make Small Strong. In a new initiative called ‘The Anywhere School’, users will get one or two new features. Users can avail them on Meet, Classroom, G Suite and other platforms of Google. Giving information through its blog, Google said that in the last several months in the world, the education community has never missed its commitment to learn and support students. But Google has worked on tools that lighten the load for teachers, school leaders, families, and especially those students who want to learn many new things while at home.

Today, teachers around the world have strengthened their practice online, we are bringing our tools to meet the growing needs of their new educational landscape. This year, children and teachers can gain school experience anywhere, anytime. We are bringing this feature of Google to more than 250 countries around the world. ‘ 

The company also said in its statement that Google will also release new controls so that users can always choose to join first, last meetings for all participants, disable in-meeting chat, and more. In October, Google will launch a custom in Meet to provide some extra privacy.


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