Google is coming to compete with TikTok, video sharing app will come soon

Nowadays, video sharing app TikTok is very much discussed among the smartphone users and it is also being liked a lot. Not only ordinary people are using it, but quite a lot of celebrities are also using it. At the same time, soon Google is planning to buy US social video app Firework to compete TikTok. However, Google has not yet officially shared such information. But it is expected that soon TikTok can get a competition through Google.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google is preparing to buy TikTok’s rival company Firework soon. Firework is a California-based company and recently launched its social video sharing app in the Indian market which is available for Android and iOS platforms. At the same time, Google is planning to buy it. According to reports, the net worth of Firework is $ 100 million and Google can pay a good price for it.

On Tiktok, users can post short videos of 15 seconds, while its rival company Firework allows its users to create 30 seconds of video. Apart from this, you can upload videos in both horizontal and vertical ways. Firework video sharing app is available for both Android and iOS users in India.

Let us know that not only Google but Facebook is also preparing to knock in the field of short video sharing applications. In November last year Facebook released an app called Lasso to compete TikTok in the US. Along with recording dancing videos in this app, you can use it exactly like TikTok. Firework has also partnered with video content providers ALTBalaji in India.


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