Google Maps gift for Android mobile users, new search shortcuts added to the app

Google Maps has added new shortcuts in its app for Android mobile users. These new search shortcuts are placed under the main search bar of Google Maps so that users can search faster. Restaurants, restaurants, petrol, ATMs, hotels and other categories have been added to these new search shortcut options. Earlier on Google Maps, these options were seen on swiping up ‘Explore Tab’. But after the new changes made by Google Maps, now users can use these search shortcuts under the main search bar.

This change in Google Maps has come with v10.28.2 for Android mobile users. At the same time, iOS users are yet to get this change. These new search shortcuts available on the main screen of Google Maps include the saved directions for ‘Home’ and ‘Work’. With this, users can quickly navigate to the most searched option.

In addition to petrol, ATMs, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, chemists and other categories are also available in the new search shortcut options of Google Maps. There is currently no information from the company on when this new Google Maps feature will be rolled out for iOS users. Earlier, Google Maps released Incognito Mode in Google Maps for Android users.


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