Google launched its mobile payment service Google Tez in the Indian market in the year 2017, keeping in mind the convenience of users. The company later changed its name to Google Pay. This app works on the UPI platform and its biggest feature is that with the help of this, users do not need the bank’s IFSC code to transfer money to anyone. At the same time, there is another special thing that you can add not only one but two bank accounts in it. Which is very easy and for this you have to follow some steps.

If you also use two accounts and want to add them to your Google Pay app then this is quite easy. The special thing is that after adding the account, you can check the balance of both accounts. Not only this, you can transfer money with the help of either of the two accounts and get it transferred to any of your accounts.

How to add more than one account to Google Pay

Step 1. To add account in Google Pay, open the app and click on the settings given on the main screen.

Step 2. There you will get the details of the ad account already. In it, go to payment method and click on Add Bank Account option.

Step 3. Choose your bank in the Aid account and fill all the details asked there. For this, you will need 6 digits and expiry date of your bank card.

Step 4. After this you have to create UPI PIN which is very important in terms of security of the account. Please tell that this UPI PIN will be asked for opening of account, balance check and transfer every time. So remember this.

Step 5. After following all these steps, an SMS will come for your authentication and after that your account will be added to Google Pay. Now you can add any of your accounts with the help of this process. In this, you can add more than one or two accounts.

You can create your primary account from any of the accounts added to the Google Pay app. Whenever you have to pay, it will be automatically detected from your primary account. Apart from this, you can also change the primary account if you want.


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