Google Pay web service will be closed in January 2021

Google is going to discontinue peer-to-peer payment service from its digital payment platform Google Pay. This service will be discontinued from January 2021. The company will add an instant money transfer payment system in lieu of this service, but users will have to pay a charge for this. According to media reports, the company has not yet shared any information regarding these charges.

Currently, users are able to transfer money with the help of both Google Pay app and platforms. In such a situation, Google has now issued a notice to the users informing them that its web payment service will not work from January next year. “From the beginning of 2021, users will not be able to send or receive money by visiting the platform. They will have to use the Google Pay app to transfer money,” he said.

9to5Google shared information

  • According to 9to5Google’s report, currently Google Pay allows the facility to send and receive money from mobile or However, now a notice has been announced by Google to close the web app. In such a situation, users will not be able to transact money through from the beginning of 2021. Users have to use Google Pay app.
  • The company said on its support page that when you transfer money to your bank account, it takes one to three business days for money to be transferred. While money is transferred instantly from debit card. When you transfer money with a debit card, there is a 1.5% or $ 0.31 fee. In such a situation, a charge can also be collected from Google on instant money transfer.

Several changes for American users,
Google has rolled out many features for Google Pay app last week. All these features are currently rolled out for American Android and iOS users. The company has also changed the logo of Google Pay.


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