Google Pixel 4a Review: Does this phone live up to expectations?

Google recently launched Pixel 4a in India. Pixel fans looked a bit disappointed, as the company did not launch Pixel 5 in India.

However, this time Google has kept the price of Pixel 4a under control. It is not very expensive and it can be called a mid range smartphone. I have used the phone and it reviews on this basis.

The best thing with Pixel 4a is that if you can use it with one hand. The phone is slim, light and very handy. Even at times this phone looks like a toy.

Pixel 4a – Design

The phone looks matte black finish from the rear and a single camera setup has been given on its rear panel. The body is made of polycarbonate and there is nothing revolutionary in the design.

However, it seems that it will have two cameras, because the square shape is given here.

There is a single camera and LED flash. The fingerprint scanner is also placed at the back and has Google’s branding on the bottom. USB Type C port with speaker grill has been given in the bottom of the phone.

Volume rocker keys and power button are given on the right. As usual, this time Google has also shifted from the power button body to light color.

You will enjoy using the phone without cover. Scratches are not easy and it is not even slippery, it will not fall easily by hand and the grip will also remain good.

The phone also has headphones and overall this phone looks very compact and durable.

This time the company has tried to give a notch less in Pixel 4a. But still thin bezels have been given on the chin and top. OLED panels have been used for display.

Pixel 4a display

Display size is 5.81 OLED display and it is Full HD Plus. HDR support is also provided. Earlier pixels used to bezels in smartphones, but it can be called bezel lace.

For protection, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 has been given in it, which is now outdated. The company should have installed new version of Gorilla Glass.

However, its display looks great when using the phone. The display is bright and colorful, MDR-based OTT content can be viewed well, but due to the display being small, you may not be pressurized to watch movies on it.

Always on display has been featured. Here you see the battery level, time and other important information.

Like the old pixels, it can also turn on music detection. That is, if a song is playing, then it will detect your phone and show it on Always On Display.

Overall phone display is good and I have mostly used it in dark mode. Some live wallpapers are fantastic which are realtime. If you buy pixels, you must try it.

Pixel 4a Camera

Google Pixel is said to be a much better camera phone than before. Since the company has surprised people in the matter of photography even before giving the same sensor. There is no breaking it in terms of better quality photos, portrait mode and night mode.

Impressive is that on one hand companies are giving three, four and five cameras, while the company is giving great photos due to one camera and software. A little perception will change with this phone, maybe.

The Pixel 4a has a 12.2 megapixel camera at the rear, while the front has an 8 megapixel camera. In this period, I do not think that only one rear camera is being given in other smartphones at this price. But does one camera outnumber the others?

With this camera you can shoot 4K video at 30fps. Clicking photos is easy and fast. Since the lens is the same, you do not have modes to use different lenses as well.

Portrait shot, despite the camera, the pixels in the phone is superb. The lack of a depth sensing lens does not hurt at all. The lack of wide angle lenses will completely consume you.

Even when macro photography is done, there is no macro lens in it and it can also be missed. But it will not be much, because photos are good from close quarters.

You can also add background blur or bokeh effect later in the clicked photos.

Normal Outdoor Photography is solid and can click great pictures. There are enough details in the photos and the special thing is that the photos will not be artificial.

Night site mode has been the specialty of Google Pixel and other companies have copied quite a bit from here. Artificial intelligence in the dark can make you click good pictures. Will need to be a little patient.

Being a single camera, you also do not get optical and hybrid zoom here. Although you can do digital zoom up to 7X, but it is of no use.

Overall, despite having a single camera in this segment, this smartphone is good in terms of photography. Photos are easy to click, fast and there are a few modes which are very beneficial for you.

Photos will not be pixelated when zoomed, you will not see many grains in the pictures clicked in Night Sight mode. You will be able to do good photography even in low light.

Google Pixel 4a – Performance – Software

The Pixel 4a has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor and has 6GB of RAM. Internal storage is 128GB. You can upload high quality image unlimited in Google Photos.

Google has recently imposed 15GB limit on high quality image upload which will be applicable from next year. But the good thing with Pixel is that you will be able to upload high quality photos even further to the unlimited cloud.

Google Pixel 4a has Android 11 and it is fantastic. Google has so beautifully synchronized the software in its Pixel smartphone that it is truly worth a compliment.

There are many software based features in Pixel 4a which you will not find in other Android smartphones. You can add subtitled real time audio. Along with this, a call transcript has also been featured. This is accurate

However, in addition to software performance, even though it has a mid-range processor, it will not disappoint you. This is not a practical phone for gaming, because its screen is small, then you will not enjoy that much.

You can do gaming and heavy games will also run, but if you are a gamer then this phone is probably not for you.

There is stock Android in it, ie pre-installed apps will not be found and this is the best thing. Gesture control works well and is fast. Google Assistant also works smooth and fast.

The phone is fast and smooth, will not get hot, can do multi tasking comfortably. Switching from one app to another is fast, loading time is short. Software works like butter.

In heavy use, this smartphone sometimes fades a bit and this is where the lack of high end processors is missed. There is also no support of 5G i.e. the phone is not future ready. If 5G arrives in India by 2021 or 2022, then you will need to change the phone.

Pixel 4A – Battery Backup

Pixel 4a has a battery of 3,100mAh and it supports 18W fast charge. After having Always on display activates, you will be able to run it comfortably in mixed use throughout the day.

You can remove more backups by keeping Always On Display off. The company, however, claimed that it would be able to run for 24 hours on a full charge. But this has not happened in our review.

Overall battery backup is the descent of this phone, but could have been improved. It definitely gives more backup than previous pixels.

Bottom line

Pixel 4a – If you are a fan of pixels, then no kind of review can stop you from buying this smartphone. But if you decide by looking at the market, then in this respect there will definitely be some shortcomings in this phone.

Despite this, the Pixel 4a is a good camera phone for this segment. The performance is good and since the phone is very compact, it will be a lot of fun to use. If Google wants pure software experience, then this phone will be better for you.



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