Google released 6 new features for Android smartphones, will be able to use this way

Google has released 6 new features for Android smartphones. These features will not only come in new but also older versions. These new Android features have been introduced for Google Assistant, Duo Phone App and others.

If you start with Google Assistant, now you can use it to open and search apps on your smartphone. Talking as an example, you can say ‘Hey Google, check news on Twitter’. These commands can also be customized. You can start using this feature of Google Assistant from today itself.

Crom this, Google has now enabled screen sharing in its video calling app Duo. In such a situation, you can now share your phone screen during video calling with Duo. In addition, Google has also added automatic captions for video messages. This will be more useful for those who have problems in hearing.

Google announced last month that the company’s phone app would stop spam callers and tell you who is calling. Google is now bringing this feature for all Android devices running Android 9 and above. Those who do not have Google phone app by default can download it from Play Store.

A new feature ‘Sound Notification’ has also been added to Android. This will send you alerts for important and alarming notices around you. Sound notifications will flash and vibrate as soon as you detect a fire alarm, door knocking or beeping of a household appliance around you and send push notifications. It can also be set to Wear OS Smartwatch and is available with the Live Transcribe app.

For people with cognitive disabilities and edge-related conditions, Google’s action block app can now be used to communicate short fragments. Action Blocks have also been updated with thousands of picture communication symbols. In addition, Google has also added support for Japanese, French, German and Italian in the app.

Google TV was introduced with the launch of the new Chromecast. Google is rebranding Play Movies and TV in Google TV. Now the updated app has been made available for Android phones in the US. Google has updated the UI.


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