Google's People Cards feature launched in India, will be able to create its own virtual visiting card on Google search

Google has launched the People Cards feature in India on Tuesday. This feature allows users to create virtual visiting cards on Google Search. Meaning the People Cards feature strengthens people’s online presence. Also helps in searching each other in the virtual world. This feature was first launched in India, which was running for many years.

What will be special

Google search product manager Lauren Clark said that a virtual visiting card can be added to its website, social media profiles and other information on Google search. Also, with this feature fake people can be identified and a virtual data base can be created for every internet user.
With Google’s People Search feature, people will be able to create only one virtual visiting card. Also, this virtual visiting card has to be verified with a mobile number. In some cases, other details can also be sought for verification.
On behalf of Google it was said that People Cards Creators would be bound by the company’s content policy. There will also be a human review of People Cards, so that no fake People cards can be created. People Cards Creators must have a Google Account with a mobile number.
People Cards aims to make the online presence of people effective. In such a situation, a feedback button will be given to report the current low-quality information on the card. The user will have control over which information they want to show to the world with the help of People Cards.

How to use

To use this feature, the user will have to search his name or add me to search on his mobile phone, where your name will appear. Along with this, the Get Started option will appear, by clicking on which the user will be able to enter the information required for the virtual visiting card such as mobile number, mail ID, education, home town as well as information about their profession. In this way your virtual visiting card will be created.


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