Government neglect:Not a single Urdu lecturer in 21 government colleges, Asi. Only 5 out of 918 posts of professor are in Urdu

The state government is unable to do justice with Urdu. Earlier, Urdu was neglected in school education, now in the recruitment of Assistant Acharya posts in College Education Directorate, injustice has also come up with Urdu. Out of a total of 61 approved Urdu posts in government colleges across the state, 28 are vacant. Out of these, there are 21 colleges including Beawar and Kishangarh in the state, in which there is no one to teach Urdu.

The reason for this is that only one lecturer in Urdu is approved in these colleges and that too is vacant. Even more shocking is that the state government is going to recruit 918 posts of assistant professor in the college education directorate, but only 5 Urdu posts have been included in it. This means that 23 posts will remain vacant even after this recruitment. The government has given this information in RTI regarding Urdu posts in colleges. Urdu is taught in 39 government colleges in the state. A total of 61 posts of Urdu lecturers are approved among them. But out of these, only 33 posts of lecturers of Urdu are employed.

Not a single lecturer in these colleges of the state

Baran Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Beawar, Baunli, Didwana, Jahazpur Bhilwara, Jaisalmer, Kamaan, Kishangarh, Kishanpol Kanya, Laxmangarh Sikar, Malsisar, Nagaur, Nagaur Kanya, Nimbahera, Pahari Bharatpur etc. One post is approved in colleges, they are also vacant. Huh.

More than one post here, they are also vacant
2 out of 4 posts in Bikaner Dungar, 1 out of 3 in Churu, 1 out of 2 in Jhalawar, 1 out of 5 in Kota Arts College, 2 out of 4 posts in Udaipur Girls College Are empty

Lecturers are available in these colleges
4 seats in Ajmer, 1 in Banswara, 1 in Bari, 1 in Barmer, 1 in Bhawani Mandi, 1 in Bundi, 1 in Kota Kanya Arts, 1 seat in Sawai Madhopur Kanya etc.

5 years ago, all the 22 posts were recruited
, after 9 years the recruitment of 918 Assistant Professor posts has come out. Prior to this, recruitment was released in 2014-15. Then the vacant posts of 22 Urdu lecturers were filled. Now the recruitment process is being organized for only 5 posts.

In the colleges where the government has kept the Urdu subject, the work of filling the post should also be done vigorously. The government should issue revised communiqué while increasing the posts.


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