Govinda said on the conflict with nephew Krishna Abhishek - now I want to keep distance from him

Govinda and Krushna Abhishek Controversy: Bollywood actor Govinda (Govinda) had recently arrived as a guest on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. During this, Krishna Abhishek (Krushna Abhishek), who won everyone’s heart with the role of ‘Sapna’, did not perform in the show. After which the news of differences between the two started appearing on social media. About this, Abhishek had said in an interview that when there is a tension in the relationship, it becomes very difficult to do comedy in such a situation. Now Govinda’s reaction has come to this.

Talking to ETimes, Govinda said, “It does not seem right to speak in public about this whole matter, but the truth should come out. I have read the report that my nephew Krishna Abhishek did not perform on that TV show because I was there He was a guest. He also talked about our relationship. There were many spoilers and useless comments in his statement. ”

At the same time, Krishna had said that Govinda did not come to the hospital when his twin children were born. The actor also responded to this. He said, I went to the hospital with my family to see the children. After which the nurse told me that Kashmiri did not want any family member to meet her. When we insisted, we were allowed to see the children from a distance and we returned home with a heavy heart.

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Govinda also said that, I want to announce that from now on I want to keep a decent distance from him. There are misunderstandings in every family, but all these things in public are giving others a chance to discredit our family. “Significantly, Krishna said in an interview that, ‘I share a strong relationship with Chichi Mama I do. But everything has changed after the rift. I am very sad. When there is a tension in the relationship, it becomes very difficult to do comedy in this way. ” He further said that, I tried to contact Govinda with his maternal uncle several times, but never gave a positive response on his behalf.

Krishna had said, ‘I came to know about Chichi Mama coming to the show about 10 days ago. This time the maternal uncle was coming alone in the show, Mami Sunita did not participate with him, in such a situation, my team felt that I would not have any problem in performing. Last year, Sunita Mami did not want me to perform in front of her, this time I decided that I will not perform in front of Chichi Mama.



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