Green Peas Benefits Uses And Side Effects
Green Peas Benefits Uses And Side Effects

Some dishes are incomplete without peas. Then whether we talk about casserole or wedge biryani and pea-paneer. Few peas are enough to enhance the taste of these dishes. On the one hand, they have excellent taste, on the other hand, their Ayurvedic properties are also countless. Peas have many nutrients, which are capable of treating severe to severe diseases. In this article of Stylecrease, we will discuss the same properties of peas, as well as different ways of using it and will also let you know about its disadvantages.

Before discussing its uses and properties, we come to know about the advantages of peas.

Benefits of Peas

The benefits of peas are also numerous due to the countless Ayurvedic properties found in it. It is considered very beneficial for our health as well as skin and hair. Let us know in detail about its benefits through some points.

Benefits of peas for health / health

1. helpful in weight loss

The benefits of eating peas include weight loss. The reason is that it is rich in fiber. Also, the amount of calories in it is quite low. Therefore, its use fills the stomach quickly and does not even realize hunger quickly. In this way, its use can prove to be helpful in getting rid of obesity (1) .

2. beneficial in cancer

According to experts, peas contain many nutrients along with antioxidants, which have anti-cancer properties. For this reason, the benefits of eating peas can also include prevention from the problem of cancer (2) .

3. Enhances immunity

Advantages of eating peas include the development of body resistance. Indeed, peas contain abundant magnesium (3) . The experts believe that the magnesium body to enhance immunity is helped (4) . For this reason, it can be believed that its regular use can prove to be helpful in increasing the ability to fight against diseases.

4. Take care of heart

According to experts, there are many special elements found in peas, which are capable of curing cardiovascular disorders. In addition, they also have the wonderful property of cleansing the blood. For this reason it can be believed that the benefits of peas include controlling heart-related diseases .

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s

According to experts, a particular element of pea is polymyoethanolamide (PEA). At the same time, research in this regard has also confirmed that palimoyoethanolamide (a type of fatty acid) has anti- (neuro) inflammatory and analgesic effects. These effects may be helpful in reducing risk factors related to Alzheimer’s disease. For this reason it can be believed that the benefits of peas can be seen in Alzheimer’s disease (7) .

6. Beneficial in Arthritis

The benefits of green peas are believed to include getting rid of the problem of arthritis. The reason is that a special element named selenium is found in it. According to experts, selenium proves beneficial in getting rid of arthritis. Therefore, it can be said that the use of peas can prove to be helpful in solving problems related to joints (8) .

7. Anti-Cholesterol Properties in Peas

A research related to peas and cholesterol found that peas contain some elements that have hyper cholesterol mia (anti-cholesterol) properties (9) . For this reason, it can be believed that the intake of peas can control excess cholesterol in the body.

8. Helpful in diabetes

According to experts, pea has antioxidant properties as well as anti-hyper glycemic (controlling blood sugar) effects (5) . For this reason, it can be said that the benefits of green peas include controlling excess sugar in the blood.

9. Useful for bones

Calcium, magnesium, zinc as well as peas are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K (3) . According to experts, all these nutrients are very important for better bone health. When they are deficient, problems related to bones (eg: osteoporosis) surround the human being (10) . In this context, it can be said that the use of peas can prove beneficial for bones.

10. Improve digestion process

Peas are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are helpful in relieving many stomach problems. Also work to strengthen the digestive process. At the same time, research done in this regard also suggests that some elements are found in peas, due to which it has hypocholesterolemic (cholesterol control) and anti-carcinogenic (cancer prevention) effect as well as galactose oligosaccharides (digestion) The element that stimulates the microorganisms) is also present in it. Those who reduce strengthening of digestion (11) .

11. Beneficial to the eyes

Two pea elements are found in peas called lutein and zxathine. According to experts, both these elements are considered extremely beneficial for the eyes. Their use is helpful in relieving many troubles related to the eyes (12) . Therefore, it can be believed that the benefits of eating green peas can be found in increasing eyesight. It also proves helpful in preventing the factors responsible for this.

12. Useful in pregnancy

Peas are found in iron, calcium and folic acid, as well as many vitamins and nutrients, which are considered extremely important for a pregnant woman. For this reason it can be believed that the benefits of eating green peas in pregnancy are very high.

Benefits of peas for skin

1. Presence of Vitamin C

The use of peas is considered extremely useful for the overall health of the skin. The reason is that vitamin C is found in abundance in it (3) . At the same time, it has been confirmed through a research that Vitamin C is helpful in removing skin related disorders such as: – Skin dryness, spots, wrinkles. At the same time, research has also mentioned that vitamin C has anti-aging effects along with its ability to protect against ultraviolet rays (14) .

2. Prevention of skin inflammation

According to experts, a special element arachidonic acid is found in peas. It has impressive anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, the use of peas can prove to be helpful in skin inflammation related problems such as: – Itching, rashes and burning (15) .

3. Anti-aging effect and wrinkles

The use of peas is believed to be helpful in alleviating many skin disorders as well as reducing the symptoms of aging skin. The reason is that peas are considered a good source of vitamin-C (3) . At the same time, through a research it has been confirmed that Vitamin C is also found to have anti-aging effect along with the ability to remove skin problems such as spots, wrinkles and dryness. Due to this effect, the use of peas can also be believed to be beneficial in keeping the skin young (14) .

4. Ankle Burst

Use of peas can also help in getting rid of ankle rupture. The reason is that vitamin A and E are found in abundance in it (15) . Explain that both these vitamins work to protect the skin from getting cracked. For this reason, it can be said that the use of peas can prove to be a good solution to the problem of ankle burst.

5. Make skin shiny

Explain that peas are rich in zinc along with vitamin A, vitamin C. At the same time, a research also confirms that pea has antioxidant effects (3) , (5) . The special thing is that the antioxidant properties found in these three vitamins not only makes the skin glow, but also promotes better health (16) .

6. Relieves irritation

Peas are a good source of vitamin C (3) . At the same time it has been confirmed through a research that in the event of burns, vitamin C is helpful in healing the affected area (17) . On the other hand, a research related to vitamin C and skin has confirmed that its use can be helpful in removing many skin related disorders. In addition, it also contains skin-relaxing properties (18) .

Method of use- For the benefits related to the skin, peas can be used along with eating and making a paste. You can use pea paste for all the skin related problems mentioned here. Applying its paste on the affected skin gives better results. Let us know how to make pea paste.

material :
  • 50 gram peas
  • a glass of water
How to use:
  • First boil the peas in water.
  • After this, remove the peas from the water and keep it to be normal. Then put them in the grinder and grind them well.
  • Take your paste is ready. Now you can use it.

Benefits of Peas for Hair

1. Hair Growth

Pea consumption can also prove to be very helpful in hair growth. Actually, folate and vitamin C found in it are considered better for hair growth. Their presence also serves to strengthen the roots of hair and increase their growth.

2. Stop Hair Loss

The presence of zinc and iron along with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C makes peas extremely beneficial for hair (3) . It has been confirmed through a research that deficiency of all these elements can cause hair loss problem in humans (20) .

3. Benefits of Vitamin B

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and folate are found in abundance in peas (3) . At the same time, according to a scientific research, it has been confirmed that all these types of vitamin-B not only work to improve the problem related to hair, but also give them new energy and play a supporting role in their growth ( 20) .

Method of use: – Talking about the use of peas for hair, the only option is to consume it. There is no information about the use of other methods such as its paste on hair.

After knowing the uses and benefits of peas, we will talk about its nutritional elements.

Peas of nutritious elements – Green Peas Nutritional Value in Hindi

Let’s take a look at the pea nutrients with the help of chart (3) .

Total Lipid (Fat)g0.22
vitamin Cmg14.2
Vitamin B6mg0.216
Folate (DFE)µg63
Vitamin A (RAE)µg40
Vitamin A (IU)IU 801
Vitamin Emg0.14
Vitamin Kµg25.9
Fatty acid (saturated)g0.039
Fatty acid (polysaturated)g0.019
Fatty acid (monosaturated)g0.102

In the next article, we will know how to keep the peas safe for a long time.

How to choose peas and keep them safe for long time?


Although peas come in winter, but now they are available for 12 months. During this time, while choosing the peas, it should be kept in mind that the pea pod is green and its outer skin ie the skin is smooth. This pea situation tells you that you are choosing better beans. At the same time, it is very important to keep in mind that you should not choose dry or wilted skin beans. Also, ensure that all the beans selected are filled with coarse grains.

How to protect:

Peas can be stored for a long time in the following ways:

  • Fresh peas can be stored in an airtight box and stored in the refrigerator for three to four days.
  • It can also be protected for a long time by keeping peas seeds boiled.
  • At the same time, to keep the pea safe for a long time, it can be sealed in a poly bag and kept in a deep freezer.

In the following article, we will learn about the use of peas.

How to use green peas

  • Talking about the use of peas, we can understand them through a few points.
  • Generally, it can be used as a vegetable.
  • It can also be used by frying it to be used as a snack.
  • You can also include it in salad form such as: – using peas with carrots, beets and onions.
  • It can also be used by grinding peas.

After knowing the advantages and uses of peas, now we come to the disadvantage of peas.

Side Effects of Green Peas

Talking about the loss of peas, there is no confirmed information about it, but still it can be understood through some points.

  • Excessive use of peas can affect the digestive process.
  • Excess use of peas may promote stomach gas problem. Therefore people suffering from gas problem should not consume it much.
  • Excess use of peas can cause problems like flatulence, belching and constipation.

Note- For more information in this regard, seek medical advice.

Now you must have known the peas very well. Also you must have come to know about its use. In the article, you have been made aware of its home remedies and its related diseases as well as the advantages and disadvantages of eating peas. Therefore, if you are also planning to include peas in your diet, then it will be necessary to read all the information given in the article thoroughly. We hope that this article will help you in getting relief from many health related diseases. For any other type of suggestions and questions in this subject, you can connect with us through the comment box below.


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