A mahapanchayat was convened on Saturday in Bharatpur, Rajasthan under the leadership of Gurjar leader Kirori Singh Bainsla, in which Gurjar leaders, while demonstrating their power, gave an ultimatum to the government that if their demands were not met, the Gurjar community would enter the state on November 1 The flywheel will jam. The leaders said that at present, farmers are busy due to crop sowing work. In this case, it is not appropriate to agitate. The Gurjars’ mahapanchayat ended peacefully with the giving of an ultimatum. The district administration has breathed a sigh of relief from this.

Gurjars said that about two and a half thousand people had gathered in this Mahapanchayat, while Gurjar leaders expected that 20 thousand people would be gathered in this Mahapanchayat. Sources say that the reason for the gathering of less crowd is the mutual schism among the leaders. In view of the Mahapanchayat, the district administration had already stopped the precautionary internet service, which is likely to be restored today. Kirodi Singh Bainsla announced that we want peace, but the government should also understand that to fulfill our demands, we should think positively soon, otherwise the movement will continue.

Kirodi Singh joined BJP with son Bainsla,

Gurjars were associated with reservation movement in Rajasthan, Gurjars demand that 35000 posts in backlog recruitment be given to people of Gurjar community. Apart from this, government jobs should be given to the widows of those who were martyred in the movement. To implement the Gujjar reservation at the Center, it has also demanded the government to put it in the 9th list. There was also a demand to withdraw all police cases registered in all the Gurjar agitations in the past.



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