"Hanging belt" that can be installed anywhere and use the space of the car effectively

The season is getting warmer and there are more opportunities for outdoor and travel. As more luggage is brought into the car, you want a place where you can store them.

However, there are some storage pockets for cars that don’t fit into bags or clothes, so the interior is tight.

The “car suspension belt” is a storage belt that creates a space for hanging clothes and bags in the car. Luggage storage space can be expanded simply by attaching to the desired location, such as an assist grip or headrest.

Since there is no space like a pocket, you can hang everything from bags, lights and clothes.

In addition, since it can be used for any type of vehicle, from minicars to minivans, it can be used universally when traveling alone or when traveling with a family.

The hanging part is D-shaped like this, so let’s hook it with a carabiner. Easy to remove with a carabiner.

The more you bring in when you go out, the more you can relax, the more you feel relaxed.

Would you like to spend a comfortable time on the move with the “car suspension belt” that allows you to customize the place to hang and the things you want to hook ?

The prices listed below are current as of the date of writing. Please check the sales page for possible changes.


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