Bollywood diva Raveena Tandon is celebrating her 46th birthday today. Raveena is quite outspoken about her likes and dislikes. Whether it was the selection of his films or his personal life. Raveena was very intelligent from a young age. He adopted two girls at the age of 21 and raised them alone. Although Raveena is away from films these days, but in the past she appeared as a judge in ‘Nach Baliye’. Talking about all this, Raveena said a lot after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput in the past. Today, you know what Raveena has said on the matter of nepotism, which is hot in Bollywood.  

Let me tell you, Raveena was considered the hottest actress of the 90s. ‘Mast-Mast’ girl Raveena worked with many big actors, but Govinda and her pair were most liked by the fans. At the same time, the pair of Raveena and Akshay was quite popular. His love story was very much discussed in the film industry. Raveena has also shared a post on the occasion of her birthday, in which she is talking about the surprise she got. 

Condolences on Sushant’s death, after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, Raveena made a tweet with a heavy heart, in which she said, ‘Who knew this young energetic, fun-loving boy was behind his dance and smile The sorrow was hidden. I wish he had reached his closest friends in time.

Ravina did not remain silent on this occasion and she raised every issue. He said, ‘There is a Mean Girl Gang in the industry. Camps are also present. People are made fun of here. Hero, his girlfriends, journalists, spoons and fake news ruining his career have ended my film career. Many times career is ruined. You have to struggle to stay in the industry. Some survive, and then some are unable to do it.

‘It is wrong news about people’, in another tweet, Raveena said, ‘When you tell the truth, you are proved to be a liar, a lunatic, a psycho. Sporadic journalists write all over the page to waste your hard work. Then even if you were born in the industry itself. Nevertheless, I am always grateful for what the industry has given me, but any dirty politics can sour your mind.

Politics takes place in Bollywood, along with this, Raveena Bollywood spoke about internal politics. He wrote in his tweet, ‘As I can hear some anchors talk insiders / outsiders loudly … but you have to fight. The more they tried to suppress me, the more strongly I responded. There is dirty politics everywhere.

Raveena faces difficulties while making a career in Bollywood by tweeting that all the difficulties will come, but do not be afraid of her. Have to keep yourself firmly. She says, ‘I love my industry a lot, but yes, the pressure is too much on people here. There are also good people here and there are people who do dirty politics. Like other places, there are all kinds of people here and the world runs from it. We have to lift scattered things, move again and again and keep the head elevated. I pray for a better tomorrow.

The film was snatched from Raveena, in another tweet, Raveena says, ‘I signed a film. It was revealed in the morning that I had been removed from the film. In the evening, I had also made preparations to go to his Muhurat. Later that girl’s girlfriend of that film was given that role.


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