The way the corona virus has engulfed the country and the world is frightening. The victim of this virus does not even know when and how he got caught. Once penetrated into the body, it rapidly hurts the human respiratory process so that some people cannot bear it, they succumb to suffocation. The history of epidemics that have spread so far in the world is a witness that humans have overcome them lately. We should be sure that the diagnosis and solution of corona will be discovered scientifically, but the virus I want to discuss today is more dangerous than corona. It kills the most fertile part of the body on the brain. Its victims talk of killing rather than dying. I am talking about the deadly mutual hatred being spread in India.

Despite all the trouble, the riots in Delhi are now a thing of the past, but the social media continues to be a disaster. I have never seen such boiling lava of hate. Looking at the fake graphics, concocted stories and the endless stories between ‘Mere-Tere’, it seems that the Hindustan where we live only has frantic followers of casteism and communalism. The 53 people who lost their lives, whose houses or business establishments were burnt and who were unnecessarily burnt in the tragic riots in Delhi, are being made commercials instead of being blown away. In this suicidal noise, the stories of brotherhood are being neutralized, which proves that humans have not died yet. We have not forgotten that despite the struggle of centuries, humanity has not died, Because he had such inspiring stories. These stories have been the work of protection in times of crisis and inspiration in everyday life. The invisible demons of social media are also engaged in taking them.

Thankfully, the virtual world did not exist at the time of the demolition of the Babri Masjid, the violence that followed the assassination of Indira Gandhi, or Operation Blue Star. Had this elusive weapon been acquired by the merchants of hate, then how many things would have happened! Those incidents were much bigger than the riots in Delhi. We were able to move them forward because it was not like then that suicidal thoughts were being rained on our minds and minds like a hammer. Although the slogan of economic and social boycott was still used, it would prove to end soon like ordinary flu. Now social media has made this ideological contagion as deadly as Corona.

In this virtual world, hatred sells more than love. As a result, someone is writing that my driver was of another religion, I told him to get it removed from my father. The second with the second story and the third with the third. The stories are different, but the motive is one – divide and share, keep sharing. This is the reason why such messages get released from dozens of profiles. Not only this, there are some great personalities who have given free advice such as opening a shop. In a very balanced language, I read a message that you should invest in Halal companies. It is clean. Swords are drawn ‘from both sides’. The riot was merely a ‘by-product’. The question arises, are our days of mental division? Such a division, where food, trade, economic investment, everything will depend on religious symbols?

Our politicians are often accused of reaping political harvest through social division. This is semi-truth. If we do not want, then no one can divide us and we will be divided, then some one will take advantage of it. In response to this argument, we are given an argument that we are divided from the beginning. True, we have an old relationship with ideological differences, but earlier we would have overcome it. how?

Please remember The famous Pune agreement was signed in 1932. The British had arranged for separate representation for Muslims and Dalits. Gandhi considered it against Indianism, while Ambedkar was in favor. At that time Gandhiji was in Yerwada Jail. Seeing his argument going, Bapu sat on a fast unto death in prison. On the other hand, Baba Saheb was also not ready to be upset. In such a situation, Tilakdhari Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya managed to convince Ambedkar. Note that Ambedkar was against Manuwad, but Malaviya believed in Sanatan Dharma even with modern ideology. His dress and ethics were traditional, yet Ambedkar obeyed him. Why? All these leaders used to agree for India and Indianness. Their mutual differences had no meaning in front of the country interest.

Why only Ambedkar and Gandhi? Pakistan’s ‘Baba-e-Watan’ Mohammed Ali Jinnah also tried to describe the people of Pakistan as the seed minister of this budding country in all the arguments between August 1947 and February 1948. Jinnah said that you are free to visit your temple, mosque or any worship house of your faith. Pakistan belongs to everyone. What is awesome Top leaders on both sides of the border, Gandhi and Jinnah, were speaking the same dialect despite the partition. Unfortunately, Jinnah got the disease and Gandhi’s Godse shot shifted from this earth within a few months of independence. Now his disciples had the responsibility to enhance this ideological legacy. What did they do? The result is in front. All parties and their masters have created such a quagmire, In which they are dragging the country and society with them. Do you want to see your country along with you getting mired in a deadly marsh? To ponder this question, how can there be any other time better than Holi, a festival of love and brotherhood? Happy Holi!



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