Where is the opposition This question is very clever. When is the declared and unannounced dock media nervous about opposition? If you look closely, you will know when a match is needed. It is scared to question the government. An excuse is then made as to where the opposition is. The opposition is discovered for their own need so that the match of this event versus that event can begin in the name of the debate. And instead of asking direct questions to the government, the opposition could be asked. Not to be shown on TV, but to save the government by codifying the opposition.

On September 30, a question was raised on Twitter where the opposition is. Where news institutions should have brought various types of facts through reporting on their own, had to look at the medical report, find out how long the victim remained in the general ward, when she went to ICU, the woman’s doctor examined her When did the police go, what do other people of the same village think? What does the settlement of the accused look like? What do people in his family say? All these questions were relaxed and the question of ‘where is the opposition’ started to be searched. So that as soon as the opposition takes the name of Hathras, it is said that it is happening in your government too. If you go here, you don’t go there. It will not ask why it cannot be arranged to meet the family of five opposition leaders. In this way, the joke would have been made by the opposition and the government would have defended it.

Now when Rahul Gandhi sets out on foot march, then the condition of ‘where is the opposition’ should be seen. They must have started searching for gimmick in opposition. The opposition will be weighing the measure of seriousness reduction. You must be making fun by telling this one time. So that the question of Rahul Gandhi’s fall is lost. Only Rahul did not fall or was dropped. Amrita Dhawan, president of the Delhi Women’s Congress, was torn. This question was bigger than Rahul falling or being dropped. Well

It is a lie that the opposition was not there on September 30. Some SP leader had gone to meet the victim’s family. Not allowed to meet The Aam Aadmi Party also demonstrated. SP and Congress leaders demonstrated in some districts of UP. Had eaten sticks Were taken into custody An FIR has also been filed against Rahul and Priyanka. The BSP does not know whether the party workers demonstrated on the road or not. But it was not that there was no opposition.

Opposition is not shown. You also want to see the opposition. The declared and unannounced dock media knows that this question is on your mind. Before the theft of media is caught, before that it raises the question where is the opposition. As if he is sitting to show, the opposition is not seen.



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