The entire country is shocked and shocked by what happened in Hathras. People are angry about this incident. Former Uttar Pradesh DGP AK Jain said that Uttar Pradesh has become a crime state. It has been said from the police that all the accused are in custody. Even the Prime Minister has spoken to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh so that there is justice in this matter. But in this case, the Uttar Pradesh Police is under the question and the biggest question is when action will be taken against DM and SP of Hathras. Ever since this incident happened, the attitude of the police has been wavering.

Sanjay Singh’s tweet on Hathras case –
Sanjay Singh’s tweet on the Hathras case – “Ready to keep the victim’s family in their house, in fear of Adityanath Raj ..”
This is the incident of September 14, when the accused dragged the victim from the dupatta near his mother to the farm and carried out the crime. Due to this, the victim’s tongue got injured and his spinal cord got hurt. But wow ray Hathras police, he registered a case against the accused for attempted murder and SC / ST Act. A case of rape has been registered later. The attitude of the police has been so biased that the family was abused every time. The victim did not get treatment properly. First Hathras then Aligarh and finally the situation became uncontrollable, then Safdarjung was brought to Delhi where it could not be saved.

Now see the readiness of Uttar Pradesh Police, overnight the police take the victim’s body from Delhi to Hathras and burn it at 2 pm. I am not deliberately writing this funeral here because no family member was present in it. The victim’s mother was lying in front of the ambulance to show the daughter’s face for the last time, but the police also refused. It is not known who gave the fire to the victim. Family members kept saying that Hindus do not perform rituals at night in rituals, but the state police did not allow this to happen while a Yogi was the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister who wears saffron, his police turned out to be so ruthless. Police argue that they feared deterioration in law and order. If the Uttar Pradesh police cannot fight this fear then it is the police. The police, who have made a mistake in this case at every step, also deliberately, still no action has been taken against them on the SP or DM. This is the character of the police. Recently, you must have seen a DG beating his wife brutally. But there is a reason for the Uttar Pradesh Police to act like this. The village whose case is there, there are about 200 houses in which the Thakurs have a lot of importance.

Obviously, they have dominance and in Uttar Pradesh, from present day chief ministers to big officials also come from the same caste. Apart from the Thakurs, there are Brahmins in the village where this incident has taken place and only four houses belong to Dalits. There is another history behind this incident. The accused who carried out the incident along with his uncle and two others, his father has spent four months in jail due to the beating of the victim’s grandfather. So the matter is also to avenge the father’s going to jail and once again some girl has fallen victim to it.

This is common in Uttar Pradesh and the police remains a silent spectator every time. There are 12 rape incidents in Uttar Pradesh and there is an increase of 7 percent in it. Most of them are against the Dalits and this time even if there is no action against the police, then it will be difficult to stop the cases. Just wait for another news of this kind to come. That is the saying, chacha bhai kotwal, fear what?



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