Heartburn And Acidity In Pregnancy
Heartburn And Acidity In Pregnancy

Women have to go through many problems during pregnancy. These problems include acidity and chest irritation. Many times women also suffer from acidity during pregnancy due to food and drink. This problem is aggravated due to carelessness about food and not being alert about the routine. This is the reason that in this article of Stylecrase we are giving detailed information about heartburn and acidity in pregnancy. Here we are talking about how to avoid heartburn as well as its treatment. Just read this article till the end to know the answers to many unresolved questions related to chest irritation and acidity in pregnancy.

First of all, let us know if the symptoms of being pregnant are heartburn.

Is chest irritation an early sign of pregnancy?

Early symptoms of pregnancy include changes in the functioning of the digestive system. A study on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has found that acidity in pregnancy and problems of chest irritation, or both, start occurring during early stages of pregnancy. In addition to burning sensation in the chest, symptoms such as vomiting and nausea can also be seen, which indicate pregnancy. According to research, 17 to 45 percent of pregnant people have problems with chest irritation during pregnancy.

However, chest irritation in pregnancy indicates pregnancy only when there are other symptoms associated with it, as the problem of chest irritation can also be due to spicy food or acid reflux.

We are further explaining in the article what can be the reasons for chest irritation in pregnancy.

Causes of heartburn in pregnancy

The problem of heartburn and acidity in pregnancy also affects the feeling of being a mother. Many women do not understand why acidity and chest irritation begin in pregnancy. This is the reason that we are explaining the cause of chest irritation in pregnancy below.

  • Hormonal and other physical changes occurring in the body are the cause of chest irritation and acidity in pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, the hormone due to progesterone hormone returns from the stomach to the food pipe and causes a burning sensation in the chest.
  • Indigestion is also the cause of heartburn and acidity in pregnancy.
  • The increased uterus in pregnancy causes pressure on the organs, causing acidity.

Read this article to know about acidity and heartburn in pregnancy.

Symptoms of acidity in pregnancy

In a pregnant woman, the symptoms of acidity and chest irritation are almost the same as those seen in others, which are as follows:

  • Burning of the bone behind the chest immediately after eating. If irritation persists for a few minutes to several hours, this acidity may occur.
  • Heart burn after lying down, bending or eating.
  • The recurrence of belching.
  • Sore throat and hoarseness.
  • Burning throat.
  • Feeling of symptoms like wheezing and asthma.

Let us now talk about the foods that prevent and irritate the chest during pregnancy .

Pregnancy prevention of heartburn

Taking care of a few things during this critical time can help reduce heartburn. Therefore, we are telling you what can be done to prevent heartburn during pregnancy.

1. Eat less and frequent

Heartburn during pregnancy should be avoided by overeating. Eat a little more frequently when heartburn occurs, so that food is easier to digest and does not make stomach acid ( 1 ).

2. Avoid things that trigger heart burn

If you eat or drink something that causes burning sensation in the chest, then avoid consuming it. Avoid eating chili food, spicy food and fatty foods like fried chicken etc. among the things that trigger heartburn.

3. Avoid drinking water while eating

Drink as little fluid as possible while eating food. Drinking fluids with food can increase heartburn and related symptoms.

4. Avoid lying down immediately after eating

Do not lie down immediately after eating food. Try to sit upright for about 3 hours after a meal . Lying immediately after a meal brings the acid in the stomach upwards, which can increase the risk of heartburn.

5. Lift the head up while lying down

While lying on the bed, try to keep the side of the head elevated. This can prevent the acid present in the stomach from going up towards the food pipe at bedtime. To keep the head side high, more than one pillow can be placed behind the shoulders.

6. Eat food a few hours before bedtime

Eat food for about three hours before sleeping at night. Heartburn and acidity can be avoided by doing this. According to a research on the NCBI website, there is a direct correlation between eating immediately after bedtime and returning the acid back to the stomach ( 10 ).

7. Avoid Smoking

Smoking can also increase your chest irritation. Therefore, smoking and other drugs should be avoided during pregnancy.

8. Control weight

One way to get relief from acidity and heartburn problems in pregnancy is to keep weight under control. Actually, weight is a risk factor for acid reflex (acidity). In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to weight ( 11 ).

9. Chew gum

Chewing chewing gum can also relieve chest irritation to some extent during pregnancy. Chewing chewing gum excretes saliva, which can help eliminate acid in the body ( 12 ).

10. Alcohol

To avoid heartburn and acidity in pregnancy, avoid the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Consumption of beer, wine and liquor leads to higher production of stomach acid.

Let us now know what can cure acidity in pregnancy.

Treatment of acidity in pregnancy

In pregnancy, acidity and heartburn are treated through drugs. What medicines can the doctor recommend during this time, we are giving below in detail ( 1 ) ( 5 ).

Antacids : Antacids can be taken to treat heartburn in pregnancy. This drug may reduce the acid causing heartburn in pregnancy.

H 2 RA (H-2-receptor antagonists) : H-2-receptor antagonists (H-2-receptor antagonists) drug can also be used to get rid of Heartburn in pregnancy. This medicine can relieve chest irritation by reducing stomach acid.

PPI ( Proton Pump Inhibitors): The use of Proton Pump Inhibitors can also reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. Also, you can get relief from heartburn.

Note : Pregnancy is a very delicate period, so do not take any kind of medicine without consulting your doctor.

After reading this article related to acidity in pregnancy and heartburn, you must have understood that this problem is quite common in pregnancy. You can control this problem to some extent by adopting the defenses described in the article. Yes, if the problem of heartburn in pregnancy is getting more, then a doctor should also be consulted once. Do not take any kind of medicine during this critical time without medical advice. Even after reading the entire article, if you have some questions about heartburn in your mind, then you can reach them through the comment box below. We will try to answer with scientific evidence.


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