How Ahmed Patel was the Congress government and party's backdoor manager

Ahmed Patel, a senior Congress leader and close to the Gandhi family, has passed away. He was called Chanakya of the Congress. Ahmad Patel was an expert in raising the resources for the party or lifting someone from a crisis. That is why instead of becoming a minister in his political life, Ahmed Patel placed himself in the role of backdoor manager of Congress Party. He has said goodbye to the world at a time when the Congress Party and Gandhi family were in great need of him.

Sonia Gandhi’s political advisor Ahmed Patel used to keep himself low-profile despite being a leader of strong influence in the Congress. While playing cricket in his young age, Ahmed Patel loved to come and bat on the front foot, but in politics he preferred to work in the backdoor i.e. behind the scenes. No one knows what was on his mind except the Gandhi family. With Congress in power at the Center from 2004 to 2014, everyone has seen the political power of Ahmed Patel.

Ahmed Patel was a member of the Lok Sabha three times and Rajya Sabha five times. During this time he worked with Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The Congress government was formed at the center six times in his political journey. Indira and Rajiv wanted to get Ahmed Patel in their cabinet, but they preferred to work in the organization instead of the government. After this, she became the political advisor to Sonia and then decided her role of backdoor manager. He himself used to say, “I only work with my full honesty on Sonia Gandhi’s agenda.”

Patel, who started his career as the taluka panchayat president of the Congress, spoke in the Congress. Ahmad Patel used to decide not only the Congress organization but also the future of Congress leaders in the government formed from the state to the center. In 2005, whether it was the decision to make Bhupendra Singh Hooda the CM of Haryana or to hand over the power of Maharashtra to Prithviraj Chauhan. Many such examples will be found, where the impression of Ahmed Patel was clearly visible. Ahmad Patel used to do this work in a manner, whether it is to talk to allies of the Congress or to keep senior leaders.

Ahmed Patel looks at each person from a psychological point of view. This skill of his had made him a ‘kingmaker’. In the meetings of the party in the UPA government at the Center, whenever Sonia said that she would think and tell, it was assumed that she would take the decision after consulting Ahmed Patel. Even a lot of decisions of UPA 1 and 2 were taken after Patel’s consent. Not only this, even though the command of the Congress has been in the hands of the Gandhi family, without Ahmed Patel, the leaf would not have moved in the party. That is, the remote lived near them. In this way, the Congress government or the party kept a balance between the two.

Ahmed may be the first to be targeted for anything going wrong in the Congress, but Sonia Gandhi’s trust in him was always maintained. This was the reason that he used to meet and listen to all the leaders, big and small, of the Congress. Congress MP Digvijay Singh has tweeted, paying tribute to Ahmed Patel. Digvijay Singh has said, ‘Ahmed Patel is no more. An integral friend went the reliable partner. We have been together since 77 years. He reached the Lok Sabha, I in the assembly. He was a medicine for every political merge for all us Congressmen. Soft-spoken, tactful and always smiling was his identity.

On the death of Ahmed Patel, the interim president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi said that I have lost a colleague, whose whole life was devoted to the Congress party. His honesty and dedication, his commitment to duty, always trying to help, generosity… he had all these rare qualities that set him apart from others. At the same time, Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, ‘Ahmad ji was not only an intelligent and experienced colleague, from whom I was constantly consulted and consulted, but he was a friend who stood with all of us. Steadfast, loyal and trustworthy till the end. His death leaves a huge void. may his soul rest in peace.’



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