How to change language on Facebook or Instagram? Learn here

How to change language on Facebook or Instagram? Learn here

Do you know that you can change the language on popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and it is quite easy to do so? Only you have to follow some steps. Before that, let me tell you, when you create a Facebook account, it appears in the same language, which is the language of the device. The company has even said that it matches the date, time and numbers according to your language region.

You can select your language and region settings to see things like buttons, notifications, mostly text and tooltips in different languages ​​and formats. Apart from English, Facebook supports many languages. It includes languages ​​like Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Portuguese. This social media network also supports 8 Indian languages.

Change language settings like this on Facebook:

– Open Facebook, tap on the three-line button in the top-right.

– Go to Settings and Privacy.

– Press on the language and select your Facebook language. You will not need to save because Facebook will automatically reload the page. To change this, we have to repeat the same option again.

Here’s how to change language settings on Instagram:

– From the bottom right click on your profile picture to go to your profile.

– Then tap on the top right and go to Instagram Settings.

After this, go from here to account and from account to language.

– Go to the language and select the language of your choice. (These steps are for the mobile version).



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