Hello friends – If you have heard something about Amazon UPI or are listening for the first time, if you do not have complete information about Amazon UPI, then in this article you will get complete information. In which you will know that you can earn Amazon UPI Se Kaise Earn Kare and how much money.

If you are using Amazon app, then the very good news for you is that you can now earn unlimited money in it. If you already have amazon app then update that app from Playstore. Register Amazon UPI after updating or downloading the Amazon app. You can easily register Amazon UPI by following all the steps given to register Amazon UPI.

What is Amazon UPI Offer – Amazon UPI Se Kaise Earn Kare

Offer 1

You can get cashback between 50 to 1000 if you send more than Rs.250 on any other UPI address.

Offer 2

If you do any shopping on Amazon and pay for that shopping with UPI, you get 50% cashback up to Rs.150.

Offer 3

If you add balance on Amazon pay account, then you get 50% cashback on the payment from UPI, at least up to Rs.150.

Offer 4

If you pay our new money after purchasing goods from any shop near you, you get Rs.25 cashback.

Offer 5

If you have registered in Amazon UPI and add your friend to Amma Jaan UPI through the Invitation link, then you get an Amazon Pay balance of Rs.25 for each friend you add.

Offer 6

How to Get Amazon UPI Process

First of all, if you have not updated the Amazon app then update first and read the steps given below and register on Amazon UPI.

  1. Sign InSign in your Amazon app. If your Amazon account is not created, register first.
  2. Click on Amazon Pay.Click on the menu and select Amazon Pay.
  3. Click on Amazon Pay UPI. Select Amazon Pay UPI and click on Proceed button on the next screen.
  4. Verify Mobile Number If you use a double SIM card, then select the SIM card whose number is registered with your bank. Click on the Proceed button. Now amazon will verify your mobile number.
  5. Choose your bank. After the mobile number is verified, select your bank name from the drop down list. After getting the bank details, you will see the last 4 digits of your bank account. Now click on the Next button.
  6. Set UPI Pin In the next step you have to set the UPI pin for your bank account. Fill in the requested details and verify your UPI pin with OTP. If you have already set UPI pin by any other app, now you have to use old UPI pin.
  7. Note your UPI. Click on the Continue shopping button. Now you will see your Amazon UPI which should be noted. samazon upi is usually in this format – @apl example – 1234567890 @ apl

Now you can send money from your UPI.


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