How to make online classes easy for everyone
How to make online classes easy for everyone

Our house in Old Delhi knows the whole neighborhood, because everyone in our family has been associated with the field of education, since the days of our great grandfather. Our grandfather used to say that when the whole country is educated, only then it will be free. All the family will remain engaged in the service of the country till the whole country is educated. And our efforts were going well and then Corona virus entered our lives and then came lockdown.

Till now the internet in our house was used to do a little research, which was connected with a home computer. But immediately after the lockdown, all the classes went online and we four teachers and two students also had to go online.

But can education really be done online? How can we focus on every child in online classes? I am a teacher of chemistry, if the children are not allowed to experiment in the lab, then how will they know whether they have scientific qualification or not. But I ignored all these things and started preparing for the future.

First of all, two new laptops were arranged. Then we thought to watch some videos on how to teach online. And when that twenty-minute video stopped forty times, we realized that the existing resources would not make any difference. But due to the lockdown, we were confused as to who would give us a new connection. Our phone network belonged to Airtel , so that we never had any problem with speed or video, and after doing a little research it was also found that Airtel is at the top in providing speed and video experience according to the open signal. So we thought that some classes would be taken from our smartphone itself and Airtel should also be called for internet .

Our new connection application was accepted without any hesitation. The very next day the engineer of Airtel came and finished all the installation work. Not only this, he did this by following all the rules of security. The mind got a little satisfaction and we thanked the Airtel employee who was busy helping others even after the threat of Covid-19. The Airtel engineer told us how Airtel has provided many new facilities to take care of its customers in this difficult time.

Hearing this, I felt that when people are doing so much for others, why should we step back from this new online teaching? There is only so much we can do for our students. But it is very difficult to teach online, it takes double the work to prepare the lesson, and it is not easy to know whether the children are like it or not, because the children are not in front of you. But now after 70 days, a little habit has also been formed, and rules have also been set. I am presenting to you what I learned in these days.

  1. It is very important to keep the text simple

In online education it is important that clear instructions are given and only one or two concepts are explained at a time. When you talk to children, it is important that children can see a picture or video related to that concept on their screen so that they do not get distracted.

  1. Keep all the text related notes in one place

Save most of the text books, videos and latest information for students at one place. I have seen these days that the children who are interested in chemistry, seeing this material, ask me more questions and express further learning and children who are less interested use it to clear their concepts. We do.

  1. Make time for text related activities

One big mistake I made in the beginning was that I felt that online class time and class time would be the same. It does not happen at all. Because the lesson duration is shorter in real class. It is not possible to do an activity or experiment in online classroom focusing on every child. That is why I usually divide students into small groups once a week after reading the lesson, where they work together to complete and discuss one or more activities. Then they choose their representative and share what they have learned with the whole class.

  1. Parents also have a duty towards their children

They must ensure that their children pay attention to the class and participate in it as well. If any homework is given to the student, then the parents must ask the children that they have not completed their work. Online classes can only be successful when teachers and parents come together for children’s education.

In conclusion, I would like to say that as our technology improves, the methods of education will also change. Perhaps today we feel that for the complete development of children, it is necessary for children to go to school and attend class. But on the other hand it also comes to mind that if all the children in the country have a fast network like Airtel and a laptop, then maybe every child can be educated with the help of online classes and then maybe we can get full swaraj.


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