Husband's Name On Hands: If There Is No Slavery Then Why Is This Practice Not Applicable To Men

The first picture is of Rampuria near Nahargarh town of Baran. Here the Banjara family’s 17-year-old Sita, 35-year-old Sugna and 60-year-old Champu, have their first husband’s name on their hands. It will never disappear. It is the right of the husband to identify the wife with him. Husbands do not give the wife’s name on their hands.

If you want to get written anything, then if you want nothing. The woman has to write the husband’s name, this is a compulsion. It is a male dominated practice in other societies throughout Rajasthan including Banjara. The name goes on even after the husband’s death and remarriage.

This picture is of Bothara of Bali Tehsil of Pali. When Indra Bai wrote the names on the clothes of Garasia here, she said on asking- This is the name of my mother-in-law. What we like the most, we write the name of the same on clothes. Indra called for more women, not writing on my alone’s clothes. Some name on everyone’s clothes.

Kalibai has written the names of daughters Lali Bai, Pamubai and Sharda Bai. Names of mother-in-law, daughter, friend, sister-in-law on other women’s clothing. Women only told us that in our tribal society we have freedom to wear, choose brides, participate in panchayats. Why not the man’s name? Bolin – can write whatever you like.

Bhaskar question; In all the important government documents, the husband’s name is with the woman. Then why the indelible impression on the hands of women?



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