Hyderabad: So far, 60 people have died in the rains in Hyderabad and surrounding areas last week. Due to the incessant rains for two-three days, many areas are still submerged in water , but there is no relief for the next two-three days. The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains for the next two-three as well. The administration is getting ready about this.

Even in the Old City, many areas are still experiencing flood waters. Police, rescue teams and municipal employees are engaged in relief work round the clock. Six people, including two children, were killed in the rains on Saturday. Last week, several bodies were recovered on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the bodies washed away in the car was also removed.

Last week, after almost a century in Hyderabad, one such rain was seen in October. Hyderabad and its surrounding areas recorded 20 cm to 32 cm of rain in one day.

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Osmania University was to have examinations for undergraduate and post graduate courses on Monday, which has been postponed.

Concern over the rains is also high because the Doppler radar of the Meteorological Department in Hyderabad, which is able to accurately estimate the rainfall at the local level, is still under repair. It is believed that due to bad weather, there have been some problems in its voltage function.

In the last week’s rains, the state is estimated to have a loss of 6,000 crores. Some videos have surfaced during the rains on Saturday night, in which many vehicles parked in the streets and streets are flowing in the rain water. On Sunday, after water entered the houses, many people were seen standing on their roofs.



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