According to the new rules, after passing the Class 10 examination, students will be able to take admission in Foundation Course of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) temporarily. However, temporary admission will be regularized only after the candidate has passed class 12th examination. The new rules will enable students to become Chartered Accountants (CAs) six months ahead of the current time.

ICAI President Atul Kumar Gupta said, “The institute recently got the government’s approval to amend Rules 25E, 25F and 28F of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, which candidates after passing the Class 10th examination Enables temporary registration in the foundation course of ICAI. However, temporary admission to the course will be regular only on the basis of the candidate passing the 12th examination.

He said that the basic objective behind this proposal is to allow students to temporarily register in the foundation course after passing the Class 10 examination.

Gupta said, “This will help students prepare for the foundation course while doing classes 11th and 12th.” Thus students will have ample time to update their knowledge and acquire requisite technology to sit for CA Foundation course and pass it. ICAI also offers free online classes for foundation students, which can be taken anytime, anywhere. ”



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