Florida: US Elections 2020: The US presidential election is constantly declining popularity and president between the incidence of Corona Donald Trn as felt (Donald Trump) thrust into the stronghold of the Republican Party. Trump is not missing any opportunity to raise the emotional issue. Trump said at a rally among supporters that if he were to hold elections, he might have to leave America. He called Joe Biden corrupt.

My name is… “: Republican senator was ridiculed for mocking Kamala Harris’s name
At Friday night’s rally in Georgia and Florida, Trump said his Democrat rival Joe Biden would make America a communist country. There will be a flood of immigrants involved in crimes in the country. Trump also recounted stories related to immigrants, racial matters and conspiracies about Biden. The Republican leader said that the Biden family is like a criminal gang. Trump warned that Democrats would fill the country with immigrants indulging in crimes, drugs.

He also attacked Somali-American Democrat MP Ilhan Omar. Trump said that this leader hates America, she comes from a country where there is no government. The US President called the media an enemy of the public. Sensing the signs of defeat, Trump said, “You have thought what would happen if I lost. Maybe I will have to leave the country.”

Biden targeted Corona Democrat leader Joe Biden rallied in Michigan and targeted Trump for failure to deal with Corona. Biden said, Trump kept saying that the virus would disappear like a miracle. But it is growing fast again. It is slowly taking worse form.



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