These days most people are doing work from home right now. It is natural to have annoyance because of Wi-Fi not working properly. Focus on your work or see the lights of the green signal happening again and again. There is no disturbance in the speed and connection from the service provider, then the signal does not come properly and we are waiting for hours for a file attachment. If this is happening with you too, then follow these tips and then see how the speed of your net is converted from KB to MB.

Wi-Fi has become a necessity today. All the smart gadgets in the house are connected to each other due to Wi-Fi. If the internet is closed then consider it all closed. In fact, most Internet Service Providers install a basic modem router in your home, whose signals are not accessible everywhere in the house.

Reboot periodically, your effort should be that your router is installed in a place which is in the middle of the house. There are many interruptions in the signal transmission of Wi-Fi at any one corner. If the router is in a central position, the signal will keep coming anywhere you go. You should try that wherever the router is installed, it should be above your head. It is also necessary to reboot it periodically to keep the Wi-Fi signal reaching you without interruption. To reboot, turn the router off for a while and then turn it on. But be careful that it does not reset by mistake. In this case, only the service provider can fix this problem.

It can be installed many times and it becomes very difficult for the Wi-Fi signal to reach every corner. In this case, the repeater will receive a Wi-Fi signal from your router and will increase its coverage area. WPS is the easiest way to connect to a repeater. For this, you have to enable the WPS of your router and turn on the repeater’s WPS button.

Keep some other things in mind – First of all, take your smartphone to your house and walk around the whole house or office and keep an eye on the Wi-Fi signal strength. As soon as the signal becomes zero, the same place is a dead zone. You can also use the Wi-Fi Analyzer app to do this.

If your router is in one corner of the building and the dead zone is just opposite it, then it is clear that the problem is distance. To avoid this, you can shift your router to a middle place, this will solve the problem soon.

As such, all the new routers are automatically shifted on less congested channels, but some cheap routers are not able to do so. With the help of the Wi-Fi Analyzer app, you can identify the least consumed channel.

If any router or Wi-Fi related hardware has become very old, then it is correct to change it, this improves the performance of the network.


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