Delhi’s riot has left behind not only a burden of 42 dead bodies, but also a whole series of burning questions. It is important for us Indians to look at these questions not just for anyone else but for our own good. Needless to say that embers were being sown in Delhi for the last three months. The inflammatory issues that our political leaders were trying to bring to the center of social discourse for the last several elections will be called its tragic culmination. Invisible warriors of social media were offering sacrifices in this mechanism. Wherever you look with their kindness, someone will tell that if you are a Hindu, you are insecure; Muslims are still insecure. The question arises that if people living together for hundreds of years are so insecure with each other in the 21st century, will people come from another planet to provide them security?

We also have to understand that the language of politicians changes according to the country, time and situation. Now look at a former Delhi MLA. Till yesterday he used to stay abusive to even the Prime Minister of the country by staying in the Aam Aadmi Party. In the last election, he came to the BJP’s court and suddenly became a self-proclaimed benefactor of Hindus. On television you may have heard him in the presence of a DCP saying that we are waiting for the US President to leave, after that if the roads are not open, then we will not stop. It was this place that set the backdrop for the disastrous riots in north-east Delhi.

It is important to mention AAP councilor Tahir Hussain here. The way petrol bombs, stones, chemicals etc. were found from them, they show how far politicians and politics have slipped! Councilors are denying these allegations, but a case has been filed against them for the murder of Intelligence Bureau employee Ankit Sharma. Here I would also like to mention the statement of former AIMIM MLA Waris Pathan. He had said, we will outrun 150 million to 100 million. Kapil Mishra and Pathan, don’t you think of the same bag? The statements of both gave vent to the smoldering shoals within the surface. The government will have to deal with such elements strictly. The dream of becoming a world guru in the 21st century and such people cannot go together.

The Shaheen Bagh movement also helped such people unknowingly. It is true that the women sitting here maintained a social unity in every situation, but because of the difficulties faced by millions of people every day, it reinforced the feeling of dissatisfaction among those who sympathized with them. This uneasiness seeping inside gave an opportunity to the likes of Kapil Mishra when jammed in Zafarabad. People of Shaheen Bagh should understand that you cannot impose your dissatisfaction on others.

Now the matter of Delhi Police. If the police of the capital came into action at the right time, then people would not have to bother to knock the door of the court, pleading for help. This is the situation when Ratan Lal, his main accused himself, had fallen prey to this violence. Dozens of policemen were injured and one IPS officer was hospitalized. This is the first time that the police have been seen only to cajole despite inflicting on their people. The question arises, has our police not remained neutral? Or, has she become indolent? You remember that 17-year-old young man who wields a gun near Jamia Millia. Calling protesters abusive, he was shouting slogans of Delhi Police Zindabad. Who made him believe that the police are with us? 

Integration of politics, crime and insecurity between the common man has made the situation so bad that National Security Advisor Ajit Doval himself had to take command. Calming the agitated crowd, he said inshallah, everything will be alright. We have come here to maintain peace on the orders of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. One more fact to be noted here. North-east Delhi was engulfed in the fire of communal violence, but in the mohallas of Old Delhi, where the mixed population has been living for hundreds of years, did not move a stone. Why? People from outside are more vulnerable and then have a place to return to. The permanent residents here have learned to live together by fighting amongst themselves.

There are also questions on the functioning of the new Delhi government. Arvind Kejriwal, who gave the center of every issue, returned to power only a few weeks ago at the will of most of the voters of Delhi. He says that the riot was spread by people outside, not by Delhiites. Is he not the Chief Minister of these riotous areas? Didn’t the people here vote for him? It is fitting that his ministers and MLAs tried to talk to the officials concerned, but Kejriwal’s fans needed much more than that. If he had followed Bapu’s methodology instead of sitting at Rajghat, some people might have survived. Gandhi did not sit in the Rajprasadas at such a time. He used to put his life at stake to reach the lives of others in a disturbed area. In this case, the Congress also followed AAP.

Finally, a question to the people of this country who make this part of the country Hindustan. Are the common people of this country so naive that they come to trick their leaders? Or, does the communalism within them sit on the tongue of politicians? If we stop voting for such leaders, then they too will forget these inversions. We have the most graduates in the world, but ideologically why are we so poor?


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