Instagram account will be able to link to Facebook, company confirmed
Instagram account will be able to link to Facebook, company confirmed

Tech Desk. Instagram Account link to facebook : New updates have been issued to make the user experience better towards Facebook. However, now Facebook will be allowed to link Instagram account. Facebook has been working on these features for a long time, after which it will be able to display Instagram story on Facebook account. This will greatly ease the users who are very active on Instagram as well as Facebook. Apart from this, linking Instagram account with Facebook will help users to improve traffic. 

Will get unified interface 

Social media expert Matt Navarra has revealed the new feature of Facebook. A screenshot of the new feature of the photo sharing app was released by Navarra in his Twitter post. Notification has been issued to select Instagram users from the company to link their Instagram story to Facebook. This new feature has also been confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson. He said that we are working on a new feature, which will provide people the option to show their Instagram story on Facebook. Also, on Facebook, users will be able to see who has seen their Instagram Story and who has responded. Facebook is trying to provide a unified interface to its users.

Facebook is also testing these features 

According to a report by The Verge, another feature is being worked out by Facebook, in which users will be able to link Facebook Messenger to Instagram Messeges. If Instagram users link their account to Facebook, then they will start seeing Instagram story on Facebook. 


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