The iPhone 11 series has recently been launched in India. This series has been launched with three variants iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new series has better camera features than the previous series. Especially its night mode is really awesome. Recently Durga Puja has been performed. In this Durga Puja, many photographers from Kolkata to Mysore have captured every moment of worship with this new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Let us know what the user experience of these photographers says about this new iPhone.

Colors of Kolkata, Siddhartha Joshi with iPhone 11 Pro Max

For the past several days, I planned to experience Kolkata’s famous Durga Puja’s wife. Kolkata, like Ahmedabad, does not sleep in Durga Puja. For nine days the entire city turns into a carnival. Like a visitor to this city, you can enjoy Durga Puja in two ways, either to see the many pandals across the city, where the idols of Maa Durga will attract your attention or you can visit the old and elite families of the city. You can enjoy this festival together.

Experience of iPhone

Clicking photos from this new iPhone during the rain has been a great experience. This gave me the opportunity to capture the scenes around me on camera. I used a brand new wide angle lens to click these pictures, which helped capture the large statue of Mother Durga. Because of its portrait mode, I captured the smallest of the rituals. You can click on the image from both the wide-angle and tele-lenses of this new iPhone to get a brilliant picture.

Apart from this, its portrait mode also works in low light mode, with the help of which you can click the picture in the dark or even in low light. Some puja pandals were generally low light, where I have used dark mode to click a picture of a picture. It is very easy to use, it automatically activates dark mode when there is low light. After Durga Puja this festive season, I will click some good pictures on Diwali with this new iPhone.

Almora’s traditional Dussehra – Rohit Vohra

I have been using this new iPhone 11 Pro Max for the past one week, in which I have used it for e-mail, browsing, video and photo capture. While shooting a movie in Mumbai, I have always used a large camera to shoot 4k quality videos at a speed of 24fps. Recently, I have captured 4k quality video from 24fps, 30fps and 60fps according to the director’s request, as the new iPhone supports all three modes. After this 30 minute video, I have decided that the new iPhone can capture very good video not only in day light but also at night.

I am a street photographer, due to which I have to take special care of framing to capture the picture. Being a street photographer, I need a camera that works without any interruptions. There are many types of subjects for this type of photography, which is very important to capture in the camera. The camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is quite fast and great, which automatically changes its camera from 13mm to 50mm. This is an amazing feature that has been seen in this new iPhone. Its another new feature is much better which helps you to find out which subject is getting out of frame. This feature helps you to frame the subject.

Tips and tricks

Three camera modes – 0.5x, 1x, 2x as well as its camera helps to click 10x zoom picture. For street photography I use a 28mm lens so that I can easily tap the 1x icon (26mm) and adjust the focal length accordingly. Once you set it, it comes back easily.

When you record a video, you can go to the camera settings and set the quality requirement accordingly. I recommand 4k 24fps and set 4k 60fps for slow motion. The video quality of the camera can be set from near the corner on its left. This amazing feature has been given in this phone.

The night shot of this camera is much better, it is not a special mode, it automatically adjusts to low light. A yellow circle icon appears on the screen for the required exposure. You can manually decide how much exposure you need by clicking on the icon.

  • You can shoot in brist mode by swiping left under the shutter button.
  • For video cropping, you can crop by tapping on the edit button in the video. Apart from this, you can also use Photo Editing Touch.
  • In the primary camera of the iPhone 11 and 11 pro, you get the portrait mode, which is a new edition for this new iPhone.
  • In the camera app, you get modes like live photo, format etc. You can use them by tapping on the gray arrow in the setter in the top of the camera.
  • You can also focus according to yourself. By the way, it is always better to click on the photo by tapping on the focus, in which case you can lock it by tapping on the focus. For this, you have to swipe fingers left or right in the camera app. To unlock you have to tap anywhere in the screen.
  • You can use both the top and bottom buttons of the volume key to click the photo. It helps you in most vertical photography.


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